Netgalley July 18 The Library of Light and Shadow

Netgalley July 18 The Mourning Parade 

Netgalley July 25 The Marriage Pact

Netgalley Aug 1  The Secret of the India Orchid

Netgalley August 22 Thin Places
Netgalley August 22 Wings Unseen

 Netgalley August 22 The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding A Fiendish Arrangement
Netgalley August 22 Mask of Shadows
Netgalley August 22 The Eye of the North

Review Request Sept. 5 How Sweet the Sound
Sept 5 All She Left Behind
Sept 5 These Healing Hills
Sept 5  Justice Buried

Review Request Sept. 19 The Witch’s Kiss 
Netgalley September 19 Whispers of Warning 
Netgalley September 20 The Trickster's Lullaby

Review Request Oct 3 The Last Namsara
 Netgalley Oct. 3 The Indigo Girl

Oct 16 An American Cage

 Netgalley Oct. 22 The Ninth Circle

Oct 31 (or beforE) Review Bone Magic 1 & 2

 Netgalley Nov 7 Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance 

 Netgalley Nov 14 The End We Start From

 Nov 21 Cover Reveal Warning Call (The Black Pages #2) by Danny Bell

Nov 21 Cover Reveal: Rescuing Prince Charming by Edward Hoornaert
By Jonathan W. Stokes
Nov 24 Review Noble Magic

Nov 27 Review 1 & 2 By Love Divided by Elizabeth St. John
Nov 27 or 28 Review The Secret Lives of Rockstars: Book Two by Suzanne Lazear

 Nov 30 Review Wager's Price Soulkeepers Reborn by G. P. Ching
Nov 30 Review To the Edge of the Sky
Nov 30 (or Before) Review Zehiya
Nov 30 (or Before) Review Sky Thieves & Desert Thieves
Nov 30 (or Before) Review Among the Red Stars 
Nov 30 (or Before) Review The Way of the Gray
Nov 30 (or Before) Review Birthright
Nov 30 (or Before) Review Flames from the North
Nov 30 Review Generation Son Chronicles Book Review (Review to Amazon and Goodreads)

12 Days of Christmas Blog Tour 1-12 
Dec 1 or 4 Review Blog Tour Sign Up: Of Bells and Thorns (The Rose Master #2) by Valentina Cano
Dec 2 or 3 Review 1 & 2 True Horizon by Laurie Winter (review on blog, Amazon, and Goodreads)

Dec 4 or 5 Review Seventh Dimension - The Prescience (Seventh Dimension #5) by Lorilyn Roberts!

Dec 5 Review Dreams Collide ARC Request
Dec 5 Review Oak and Mistletoe
Dec 5 ARC Review Locked Out by L. M. Schukraft
Dec 5 Cover Reveal: We have a few good memories, don't we? by Katie Lewington

Dec 5 A Lady in Shadows
Dec 5 PATHWAYS by Mercedes Lackey
Dec 6 Review The Efficientpreneur by Ahmed Al Kiremli (Amazon Reviews) iReads

Dec 8 Review The Marriage of Miss Jane Austen
Dec 8 Audio Review: Fragile Chaos Top 10 & Giveaway

Dec 10 Review The Branches of Time
Dec 10 Review Infernal Guard 1-3

Dec 13 Review Sea of Strangers by Erica Cameron
Dec 15 Sunwalker Interview/Review
Dec 15 Spotlight Cathadeus by Jeff J. Peters
Dec 22 Review The Fire Chronicles series #2 by Atlanta bushnell
 Review On or Before (Dec 31) A Wild and Unremarkable Thing 
 Review On or Before (Dec 31) Off Limits BookishFirst winner
 Review On or Before (Dec 31) By the Book BookishFirst winner
 Review On or Before (Dec 31) Lords of Dyscrasia Prequel
  Review On or Before (Dec 31)Viper in the Forest (#1&2)

Jan 1, 2, or 3 Review BATMAN: NIGHTWALKER Official Blog Tour
Jan 3, 4, or 5 Review Hinder
Jan 7, 8 or 9 Review Jane Austen Lied To Me 
Jan 8, 9, or 11 Review Moxie's Problem 
Jan 10 or 11 Review The Phantom of New York, volume 1 - Peter and the Crown by A.L. Janney

Jan 19 Review Cathadeus by Jeff J. Peters

NetGalley March 6 The Coincidence Makers

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