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Hello, I'm Stephanie. I'm a 22 year old American female with a never ending hunger for good books! I started reading late, not until the fourth grade could I finish anything more than an easy reader, but when I started, I took off! I devoured books, never going anywhere without one, and am still much the same. Although my reading has slowed a bit, it's still a pleasure to find that rare diamond in the rough that others overlook. I always enjoy a good book, and always will.

This is my personal book review blog. I will start reviewing the books as I read them, and will post the full reviews here. I will also share book news, and deals from time to time as I find them. Feel free to offer requests, and to share your thoughts and opinions on my posts, and the books being reviewed! ^^


  1. Would you please review my book Beneath the devils bow. It releases on oct 1st. You can see the trailer at https://youtu.be/JMKQZHVBrbM

    I can email you the manuscript if you are interested. Thank you.

  2. Hello Stephanie,
    My name is Lynne Hill-Clark. I’m the author of the Lords and Commoners Series. The first e-book in this series is free on Amazon and other outlets (Kobo, Barns and Noble, iBooks, etc.).
    Based on your previous reviews my book may be a good fit for you. It is a young adult fantasy. Please consider reading my book (or series) and writing a review (or reviews). Since Book One is free to all, I’m not offering you anything that I’m not offering to everyone. So a review would meet Amazon’s reviewer guidelines.
    Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

    Book 1, Of Lords and Commoners can be found at
    Book 2, Of Princes and Dragons
    Book 3, Of Gods and Goddesses

    Lynne Hill-Clark, Psy.D.
    theclarks777 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  3. Please review my book if you have time. I have just released it on amazon.
    Contact me and I can send you a copy if u wish.


  4. Dear Stephanie,
    Please allow me to introduce myself, Sally Brandle, recently traditionally published author. My clean (no intimate scenes), romantic suspense/thriller, The Hitman’s Mistake, is now available on Amazon in Kindle format, and will be printed as a paperback in three to four months. Given your interest in romance, I thought it might entice you. I’d appreciate a review anytime you can fit it into your schedule. Let me know if I can help you with an interview or be a guest blogger, I’m a team player.
    Short synopsis: Miranda Whitley’s been told to flee from a felony crime scene in Seattle involving a crooked cop and a mob boss. She tracks FBI Agent Grant Morley to a mountain near his vacation home in Montana to enlist his help, but after her riderless mule alerts him to where she’s wounded in the woods, threads of deceit weave her version of the circumstances into conflicting patterns. Witness or accomplice? Discover how Miranda and Grant fight off killers intent on silencing her, while losing their battle against a love that can’t be denied.
    The Hitman’s Mistake is a stand-alone and the opening novel in the series. It won the Emerald City Opener contest in the romantic suspense category and finaled in two other contests. Soul Mate Publishing has purchased book two in this series of six, which are completed. I am currently working on a requested—for lack of a better description— ‘romantic mule thriller’ novella to be offered free on my web site. I own a horse and each of the books in this series contain an equine secondary character. My quest at present appears to become the freshly crowned queen of mule-lit, or not! I’d love to send a PDF copy of the ARC.

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards,
    email: Sallybrandle@comcast.net
    www.sallybrandle.com https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DM795GP

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  6. Are you interested in the faeries? My Lilith & the Faeries Series, adult romantic magical realism suspense novels, helps connect the reader with the nature spirits besides immersing them in a world of love and happiness. If your curiosity is piqued, please contact me at pghpenms@hotmail.com. The books are fun. You can peruse my five books in print at the link below:


    Have a wonderful summer!

  7. Hey Stephanie,

    I have recently published my debut novel One Night's Stay and am looking for avid readers to provide honest reviews about my work. One Night's Stay is a horror/suspense thriller and is roughly 80,000 words in length.
    Here is a brief synopsis: Thirteen strangers check into the Sunset Inn hoping to find rest. When one of them is murdered in the middle of the night, the survivors realize they’ve found something else entirely; an ancient evil looking to satisfy an undying hunger. If the guests want to make it through the night, they’ll have to discover the secret behind the motel and the mysterious town it serves. However, in uncovering the truth, they might find that the town’s past is nowhere near as dark as their own.
    One Night's Stay is currently available on amazon in kindle and paperback format. You can purchase my novel here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H2QQRT1?pf_rd_p=d1f45e03-8b73-4c9a-9beb-4819111bef9a&pf_rd_r=4W0BRPZQA94T8Z3AYQX2. Of course, I am more than willing to give you a free copy of my book if you would like. Simply email me at C.bcollins1414@gmail.com and tell me what format you prefer (Epub, PDF, paperback, etc.).
    Thank you very much for considering my novel for review.


    C.B. Collins

  8. Hi Stephanie,

    I was just on your goodreads page and wanted to contact you about possibly reviewing my new book, Stepping Our Of Eden, but couldn't figure out how to send you a message, so thought I would post something here.
    Stepping Out Of Eden asks:
    What makes humans innately human? Is it our biological differences, our lack of body hair, the size of our brains, opposable thumbs or our ability to walk upright? What was the catalyst that spurred the transition from tree-dweller to an upright, tool-making being able to travel to the moon?

    Through logical investigation into the mythic records, archeological finds and theological sources, I attempt to arrive at clear and concise conclusions. The book offers a broader view that questions many of humanity’s most dearly held beliefs about itself and answers many of the questions that people have, but are told not to ask.

    Trailer: https://youtu.be/UMUgYEtIXss

    If this is something you might be interested in taking a look at, let me know and I can get you a review copy.

    Thanks in advance,

    Dr. Rita

  9. Hello Stephanie,
    I represent a new publishing company that came to life in February of this year. We are requesting a review for our first anthology titled Still Standing. The book is around 52k words long. We have digital ARCs available now. I believe the theme of this anthology will appeal to you. Here is more information about the book:

    Hollow Hills presents Still Standing, an anthology of short stories and poetry about empowerment and healing for victims of bullying and harassment. The royalties from this anthology will go to Crisis Text Line, a nonprofit organization helping those in crisis. The stories from various authors are high fantasy with a science fiction tale as well.
    Strap yourself in for an emotional ride:

    Savage Beatings: An elf braves ridicule and abuse as a sacrifice for his homeland and people.
    We Called It Asimov: A group of scientists come together to create a machine unlike any other. One scientist uses this modern marvel to satisfy her desire for revenge.
    The Brave Blacksmith: The legendary Blacksmith must fight his own demons while confronting real enemies to save a sorceress from a dire situation.
    Buccaneer’s Beginning: A young elf wants to be a sea captain like her father, but her mother insists she become a mage. She clings to her dreams despite the ridicule and pressure of others.
    The Living Tree: An inspirational poem about life itself.

    We have mobi, pdf, and epub copies available so please let us know which format you would prefer. The release date is set for December 14th, 2018. We would like a review on that date if possible. We will have pre-order links up soon.
    Thank you for your time and consideration. Happy reading!

    Marie Krepps
    CEO, Hollow Hills, LLC

    Website – www.hollowhillsbooks.com
    Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/HollowHillsBooks/
    Twitter – https://twitter.com/hollowhills2018
    Google+ - https://plus.google.com/u/3/115298526928077397635
    YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTzMKKPkPJXD-P4kUWU8fQg
    Still Standing on Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41969929-still-standing

  10. I was wondering if you would be willing to review and/or promote a newly-published (March) Christian romance novella, Heaven Shining Through. I currently live in Dover-Foxcroft, ME.
    Book Title and Genre: Heaven Shining Through, Christian Romance/Relationships
    Release Date: March, 2018. Self-published through Xulon, 64 pages
    Samantha is dreading her return home. Throughout her life, she had a rocky
    relationship with her mother – and now her mother is all she has left.
    Through a nostalgic look back, Samantha recognizes the presence of God in an
    ordinary life. She learns more about herself as a wife and mother who has had
    her share of sorrow and blessings.
    As her faith increases, she is able to see her mother through new eyes, leading
    to reconciliation … and is reminded of that every time she sees Heaven Shining

    If interested, please let me know about your procedures. Hard copy or Kindle
    copy available upon request. The cover, my bio and a launch press release are also available to help introduce me to you.
    Website/blog/social networking links: https://www.facebook.com/joe.siccardi;
    https://wisdomfromafather.wordpress.com/; @revblt (twitter);
    Joe Siccardi

  11. Hi Stephanie,

    I self-published my debut memoir in April and and looking to be discovered. Hope you can help!

    Title: A Squatter in London
    Author: Irene Pylypec
    Genre: memoir
    Blurb and sales link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CHYNCQ1
    Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/42349535-a-squatter-in-london?u
    Website: https://www.irenepylypec.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorlydia
    Twitter: @ipylypec

    I know you are busy. Thank you for your future consideration,

  12. Hello Stephanie,
    Would you like a quick, fun read to review? Something that will benefit kids and their families?

    The Maiden Voyage is the first book in the Timeflies series, about kids who travel through time and space as houseflies. They get to witness their ancestors as flies on the wall. In this first book, they find out why Grizelda's mother chose such a unique name.

    These books are filled with science, history AND empathy. I hope after reading the first you'll consider also reading the 2nd, TIMEFLIES Play it Again, Sam, as the stories become even more adventure-filled.

  13. Hello Stephanie

    I am hoping you would review my latest novel, ASSASSINS OF RIAZ. It has just been released. It is an epic fantasy fiction of app 125,000 words professionally edited by Kate Richards.

    Here is the short blurb - In Riaz, the profession of an assassin is an honored one. Hired throughout the other eight realms, their use of powerful magic to complete assignments makes them a valuable commodity. When a regional trade negotiation is scheduled in their capital city of Lymos, the demand for the skills of the assassins is sure to change the dynamic of the meetings. Caught in the maelstrom of political intrigue is young Kero, the ward of the assassin lord. He’s joined by Darlee, a girl from Sechland with her own magical powers, and Prince Brumaine of Morica, as each of them struggles to navigate the affair in their own way. Will old animosities prevail, or can new alliances alter the path toward all-out war.

    You can find my book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ITunes, Smashwords, Goodreads and more.

    Should you wish to preview the book you can do so at the Smashwords page in any number of formats.

    To obtain your FREE copy of the ebook in any format here is a Smashwords coupon - TD35W

    As always, I am prepared to do a giveaway should you want one for your site.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this email and consider my request. Should you wish to know more about me, you can visit my website here.

    Wishing you success in everything.

    Michael Drakich

  14. Hi Stephanie,

    It looks like we request a review by commenting. If there is another way I should contact you, please let me know. I am requesting a review of A Chance Beginning, a fantasy-adventure. You can find it a number of places including Amazon. Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/Chance-Beginning-Book-Shadows-Trilogy-ebook/dp/B07F72JFRK/

    Not sure if you post your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, but if you decide to review my book, that would be great. I would be more than willing to gift you a kindle copy of A Chance Beginning. Please let me know what you think.

    Thank you

  15. Hi Stephanie,

    If you are available to consider it, I would like to request a review of my new soft science fiction novel 'Lifeliners'.


    When everybody is against them, it is tough being a lifeliner, as Nash Bannon found out. Lifeliners are ordinary people…almost.

    They can draw energy from another person; they live longer and are smarter. Scientists claim that Western high-pressure living and growing sterility in developed countries has triggered the rise of lifeliners, and homo sapiens will replaced by homo renata within ten generations. So, what’s not to like about lifeliners? Protest marches by extremist groups, riots, attacks against lifeliners, repressive laws enacted by governments everywhere, were portents of a dark future. Young, successful, Nash Bannon did not like what was going on, but he thought he had the world at his feet and life in Australia was good, provided no one found out he was a lifeliner.

    A chance encounter with Cariana during a lunchbreak develops into something he considered important. The Australian government calls a snap election, and Nash stands as a Senate candidate on the Lifeliner Party ticket. Unless lifeliners rise up and fight for their rights, they can expect sterilization, incarceration, and possible extermination as democracies everywhere turn into autocracies. To survive, the Lifeliner Party must employ the same dirty tricks the government used against them, but they were not prepared for what awaited them.

    Website page: https://www.stefanvucak.com/books/lifeliners/

    I can provide the book in PDF or Mobi format.

    Author Bio:
    Stefan Vučak has written eight Shadow Gods Saga sci-fi novels and six contemporary political drama books. He started writing science fiction while still in college, but did not get published until 2001. His Cry of Eagles won the Readers’ Favorite silver medal award, and his All the Evils was the prestigious Eric Hoffer contest finalist and Readers’ Favorite silver medal winner. Strike for Honor won the gold medal.

    Stefan leveraged a successful career in the Information Technology industry, which took him to the Middle East working on cellphone systems. He applied his IT discipline to create realistic storylines for his books. Writing has been a road of discovery, helping him broaden his horizons. He also spends time as an editor and book reviewer. Stefan lives in Melbourne, Australia.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Stefan Vučak

    Email: stefan@stefanvucak.com
    Website: https://www.stefanvucak.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StefanVucakAuthor
    Linkedin: http://au.linkedin.com/pub/stefan-vucak/60/723/655/
    Twitter: @StefanVucak

  16. Dear Stephanie,

    My name is Emmanuella Hristova and I'm contacting you to review my recently self-published romantic poetry collection, "The Day My Kisses Tasted Like Disorder".

    "The Day My Kisses Tasted Like Disorder" is a short collection of poems that explores a tumultuous year of love, heartbreak and unimaginable loss. It documents the birth and death of a relationship, and the death of my sister. Each poem is an emotional time-stamp that plunges the reader into the depths of my feelings as they burgeon and wane. The book reads like a diary and chronicles the boundaries of the things that we all feel: passion, heartache, and pain that gives way to hope.

    This is my debut poetry collection and my first self-published work. I first published in April, 2018. Although the book only has a few reviews so far, it's rated a 4.5 on both Amazon and Goodreads. It's available via eBook on Amazon, iBooks, barnesandnoble.com, Bookshout, Kobo, and Lulu for $3.99.

    If you're willing to read and review my book, I'd be more than happy to send you a free ePub, mobi or PDF copy via email at ehristova@berkeley.edu

    To read some of my poetry, feel free to view my Instagram account at http://www.instagram.com/emmy_speaks and my website at http://www.ehristova.com.

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.



  17. Dear Stephanie

    I am the marketing director for Wild Dreams Publishing. I'm reaching out to you tonight to see if you would be interested in reading / reviewing some of our books. We have most of our collection posted at https://wild-dreams-publishing.myshopify.com and arc copies are available should you see something that you would like to read.

    But there are a few that I would like to point out. Down the Rabbit Hole by Kristen Collins, Wild Passion by Sheri Chapman and The New Reign by M.L.Ruscsak have all been picked up to be made into film adaptations. Filming starts this year. As such We are wanting to give them some attention.

    I look forward to hearing from you
    Marketing Director for Wild Dreams Publishing

  18. Good Afternoon, Stephanie,

    Thank you for allowing submissions for reviews at your blog. This is a review request regarding my YA novella, The Butcher, release date January 24, 2019. I have a print, pre-release copy of the title I could send you with the understanding no review is required and if you do decide to review it can be done whenever your schedule allows. After the publication date, I can gift you a Kindle version or one in mobi/EPUB format..
    About the story.

    In a post apocalyptic world of two seasons, hot Spring and blistering Summer, the Butcher is the leader of a “master race” that celebrates Butcher Bargain Day by gathering his people for the ritual slaughter of pigs. Burners once lived in the farmland homes seized by the Butcher’s Party. In the Butcher’s plan of extermination, the pigs are first, the Burners next. Raised by a high Party member who hid the child’s origin, Mikkel, now a teen, is a loyal member of the racially pure Scouts—until his secret is exposed.

    He is a Burner.

    This is a young adult novella written for anyone who hopes we are evolving beyond tribalism toward a more powerful survival mechanism than fear and hate of “the other”. The Butcher is a story for those who believe the antidote to racism’s toxicity is recognition of our common humanity.

    It is a story for our time.

    Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Butcher-Alan-S-Kessler/dp/1684332206/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1546458027&sr=1-2&keywords=the+butcher+kessler

    Thank you for reading this query. I wish you a happy New Year.



  19. Hi Stephanie,

    Nice to meet you. I want to share with you my happiness about the publication of my first English children storybook, One Century Friendship. The book will be launched in different e-book platform on 20th Jan 2019.

    I want to share my idea of jump out of the comfort zone among children and hence I wrote this story.

    This time I invite US illustrator Ms Janelle Dimmett to help design the book cover. You can click the website https://www.littlebeanseeds.com to find out more about the book, i.e. the book trailer, book review, preview the prologue and the first chapter, story inspiration etc.

    The book available on Amazon, Readmoo, Smashwords, Lulu, Barnes & Noble, Pubu and Kobo platforms.

    Story Hypnosis:

    In One Century Friendship, Helen and her three friends scamper off from the main campsite towards the ruined cottage. Despite Miss J. Smith’s warnings, Shelly’s persuasive remarks make each of the four friends grow even more curious as they wonder what the house contains. As they near the place, their fear starts rising. A peek through the window is not enough and soon they are inside the house. On the inside, the cottage seems disappointing until things start happening and Mark goes missing. What started as playful fun turns to dread as the remaining three friends notice his absence. Worse still, they are afraid of confiding in Miss J. Smith since they disobeyed her instructions from the start.

    This time story writing is initiated by the idea of “jump out of the comfort zone”, hence, I have set up a page “jump out of comfort zone”, aiming to encourage those who have read my book to share his/her story of jumping out of comfort zone with me. Readers are welcome to send their own story to littlebeanseed@gmail.com and I will share it on the webpage and the blog.

    I also have conducted an author interview with Awesome Gang and Linda's book bag. For more details, you can visit the below link:



    I want to know if it is possible I can share this book or the idea of "jump out of the comfort zone" with your readers or you will be free to provide a review for my book.

    Thanks for your time and feel free to drop me a link if you have anything to share.

    Best wishes,


  20. Hi Stephanie,

    I am currently seeking reviews for my 90,579 word historical and 21st century psychological thriller. I am inquiring whether you would be open to reviewing my novel, and/or conducting an author interview, guest blog post, spotlight or giveaway?

    I happened to come across your blog when researching bloggers open to reviewing novels, I am inquiring when you might be open for reviewing? If you are interested, there is no rush for the review.

    INITIATED TO KILL tells the story of an infamous historical serial killer, connecting to present-day events in Seville, Spain. Annabella Cordova quickly becomes embroiled in the conspiracy involving the university she studies at. Her life is turned into chaos when her friend disappears, seven days later a gruesome package is delivered to Andres Valero; the troubled detective, returning from forced leave, only to be faced with horrific crimes that brings his memories to the surface.

    Annabella's past collides with her present, a traumatic childhood event leaving her deaf and without both of her parents. Her ability to read facial and body language in people leads her to discover parallels from an earlier century.

    Annabella and Andres must use their skills to track a brilliant killer; a psychopath exploring the mind and actions of an infamous serial killer, and how his crimes are linked to a controversial conspiracy, only he can unravel.

    The novel continuously takes the reader back in time to the 19th century; creating a psychological profile of the serial killer that wanders the London streets, his paintings depicting crimes only seen by a killer’s eyes.

    Annabella and Andres combined must stop this person at any cost, and reveal a conspiracy hidden for centuries.

    If you are interested, you can email me on sharlenealmond@gmail.com

  21. Hello, we're reaching out to amazing book bloggers and inviting them to be part of OWS CyCon 2019. I've seen you around the circuit and love your blog and we would love for you to join us for this fantastic event scheduled for May 17-19-2018 You can learn a bit more about it here. https://ourwriteside.com/ows-cycon-is-coming-may-17th-19th/. If you have any questions, let me know. I'd be happy to answer them for you.

  22. Hello Stephanie,
    I haven't seen many Middle Grade novels here, but I hope you might review mine. It is low vocabulary so it will be great for reluctant readers. I was an elementary teacher of 5th and 6th graders for 29 years before I retired to write books for that grade level. The book I hope you will love to read is Room 101.

    Here is the book blurb I use on Amazon. You can see a picture of the cover at this link too: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1981199098/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i1

    David Anderson has led a perfect life until his 6th grade year. With his dad out of work, David will have to leave Good Shepherd Elementary and go to Milltown public school. He is terrified to go to Milltown because he fears he will be bullied. David looks and acts differently from everyone else in his new school. So do the kids in Room 101. When David is asked to help Keven Meyers, a boy with disabilities, participate in the school Spelling Bee, he has to look beyond his own desire to win and trust that God will help him make a difference in the lives of the kids in Room 101. With encouragement from his parents, David tackles an even harder challenge; to change the heart of a bully.

    Stephanie, I could send this book to you in two ways. I could mail you an actual copy of the book, or I could send you the PDF copy for your computer. Personally, I like to read holding a real book in my hands. Would you consider reviewing my Middle Grade novel, Room 101?

    Thanks and God bless!
    Mary T. Wilkinson


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