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B&H Review: ThoughtFull

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ThoughtFull: Discovering Unique Girls in Each of Us

This encouraging story shows how life changes when we learn to value those who are differently abled and to champion the power of thoughtfulness. 
Author Dorena Williamson explores the need to be “thoughtFULL”—full of thoughtfulness and awareness, particularly with those who have special needs. In this delightful story, it’s awards day at school, and Ahanu (a boy with Down Syndrome) earns the award for being thoughtful. Later, when his friend Joshua sees others making fun of Ahanu, it’s Joshua’s turn to be thoughtful by supporting his differently abled friend. While doing so, Joshua learns important lessons about friendship, disabilities, and the value we each have as God’s children.

Also available in this series: ColorFull: Celebrating the Colors God Gave Us.

This B&H Kids book includes a Parent Connection, an easy tool to help moms and dads (or anyone else who loves kids) discuss the book’s message with their child. We’re all about connecting parents and kids to each other and to God’s Word.


I really enjoyed reading this, and can easily see it being handy in a classroom setting but also perhaps in a childcare setting or even at home. This story talks about a child with Down Syndrome and focuses on the other’s children’s reactions, pointing out that some focus on the good (the things that Ahanu is good at and can still do) while others just see the things he can’t do, and see him as different and less-able.
I liked how this story helps teach children that we are all special and that being ‘different’ doesn’t have to be bad.

*I received a copy from the publisher. This does not affect my review. This review is voluntary.*

B&H Review: Women of Courage

44092367. sx318 Women of Courage: A 40-Day Devotional

Whether you’re trying something new, enduring the grind of the everyday, or facing something you never imagined would come your way, life can be overwhelming and sometimes even scary. When that happens, how do you live brave? How do you learn to become a woman of courage? Who do you turn to as examples or mentors?
This warm, honest, and encouraging devotional features women from the Bible who lived courageously despite unusual, difficult, or even frightening circumstances. From women who were called to step into leadership roles, to women who had to rely on God’s daily provision for their needs, these heroes of the Bible show you exactly how to lean into the strength of the Lord when your own isn’t enough.

Featuring 40 brave women—some well-known (like Ruth, Elizabeth, Mary, and Martha) and some lesser-known (such as Shiprah, Puah, Lois, and Eunice)—this devotional will walk with you through the hardest days and leave you with the courage you need to lead, to love, to trust, and to turn to God in every situation.

Each reading begins with a passage of Scripture, then dives into a woman’s story with detail and depth that illustrates exactly how much she was loved and cared for by God. It ends with an encouragement to apply the day’s lesson in your own life and a personal prayer that gets right to the heart of the matter and the heart of God. Prepare to be inspired and moved closer to the God who gives you strength and courage by spending time with some incredible women in His Word.



I’ve been looking for something like for for a while, and while I have found a few, this one is my favorite! I really think women need a way to study the women of the Bible in our daily faith, and this does a wonderful job of highlighting some of the founding women of our history while still holding on to biblical truths and integrity. I love this easy to read yet powerful message that makes Bible study enjoyable and empowering while also reminding us to serve and to love as Jesus does.

*I received a copy from the publisher. This does not affect my review. This review is voluntary.*

B&H Review: Epic Devotions

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Epic Devotions: 52 Weeks in the Story That Changed the World (One Big Story)

by Aaron ArmstrongHeath McPherson (Illustrator)
Epic Devotions: 52 Weeks in the Story that Changed the World is a graphic-novel inspired weekly devotional based on Epic: The Story that Changed the World. Each insightful devotion circles back to the one big story of Jesus and makes biblical events more relevant for today’s youth. The book features familiar yet reimagined art from the One Big Story brand that is perfect for engaging older kids and preteen readers.


From the cover, I had high hopes for this one, but as soon as it arrived, I knew I had made a great choice! I have a brother and a sister both around middle grade age, and have been looking for some good biblical tools to help them better understand the Bible and what they learn at church. This is perfect! It has colored images that caught my little brother’s attention, and is a great devotional for ages 8-12 or so, which also excited my sister who’s a few years older than our brother.

I think this might be targeted for ages 8-12 as mentioned, and is middle grade, but the great thing about that range is that it’s easy to also include older and younger kids, and still have an enjoyable read! I love that this book tells the Bible starting in Genesis, but includes Jesus and shows how He was with us from the start! With life application questions, fun pictures, and a easy to read format, this is a great book for anyone wanting to help kids learn more about the Bible and the people in it!

*I received a copy from the publisher. This does not affect my review. This review is voluntary.*

B&H Review:


Running from Mercy: Jonah and the Surprising Story of God’s Unstoppable Grace

The story of Jonah the prophet is familiar to us. It’s full of unforgettable images, ironic twists and turns, and dramatic encounters between humanity, nature, and God. Most importantly, it is a microcosm of the human story. Your story. My story. The story of Jonah.

In these pages, you will meet a prophet not so different from yourself. The prophet’s rebellious spirit is astounding, but more astounding still is the surprising grace of God. The same God who relentlessly pursued Jonah and who relentlessly pursued the Ninevites is pursuing you. May this story cause you to rest in his unstoppable grace.


Ironically I’ve always struggles with the story of Jonah…but then again maybe that’s because it hits close to home. It seems their is a fine line between comical and tragic, and Jonah has always fallen into both for me. As a story, it’s almost like a dark comedy, but then trust hits home, this isn’t just another story, this happened…actually it has happened almost every day from the start…We question, doubt, fear, and ultimately run from God! From the garden even thousands of years later, this is a very relevant study, and one that was far deeper and more complex than I’d though before picking up this book. While I was skeptical at first, I soon realized that I needed to read this one, and am so glad I did!

*I received a copy from the publisher. This does not affect my review. This review is voluntary.*

B&H Review: Letters to an American Christian

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Letters to an American Christian

What does it mean to be an American Christian?

In Letters to an American Christian, Bruce Riley Ashford, author of One Nation Under God, addresses overarching issues of the relationship of Christianity and politics, speaks to the way historic Christian belief informs specific hot-button political issues, and challenges readers to take seriously both our heavenly and earthly citizenships. Written as a series of letters to “Christian”—a young college student who is a new believer—Letters to an American Christian will help every reader think carefully about how Christianity informs what it means to be an American.

In the midst of a rapidly changing national and political landscape, Letters to an American Christian reminds us of two important truths: we cannot afford to shrink away from our earthly citizenship, and we cannot afford to lose sight of our heavenly citizenship.


I expected to either love this, or hate it…yet here we are and I’m undecided… Still, this book does bring up some good points, but lacks the direct biblical backing to support them. Yes, many if not all of these things are mentioned in the Bible, but this book never fact-checks in a way that readers can easily see where the author’s referring to, or coming from. Also it talks as if ‘Christian’ is a person having a conversation, but the letters are all from the author, and in the way they are written they came across as one sided, lacking the perspective of the other half of the conversation. While I liked that Ashford didn’t pull his punches or shy away from tough topics, I feel the presentation and method could have used a bit more work.a

*I received a copy from the publisher. This does not affect my review. This review is voluntary.*

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Sunday’s Spotlight: The Truth in Terres (The Truth in Terres #1)

43703889. sy475

The Truth in Terres

(The Truth in Terres #1)

Trinium is on the verge of war. As leader of Terres, Lutter knows that war will only end in disaster for his people. When a deadly secret thrusts Ana into the heart of the conflict, she discovers that war may be the only thing that’ll save her family. With opposite missions—one to preserve Trinium, and one to change its pathway forever—the two must learn that sometimes, pain is needed to bring prosperity.

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#Repost Blog Tour: The End of the Magi

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

The End of the Magi
By Patrick W. Carr
Christian Historical Fiction
Hardcover, Paperback, Audiobook & ebook, 384 Pages
November 5th 2019 by Bethany House Publishers

Centuries before the magi arrived in Bethlehem,
a prophecy sets a young magus on his path . . .

Following his vision of the coming Messiah, the prophet Daniel calls forth a select group of men who will count down the calendar until the arrival of Israel’s promised king. Centuries later, as the day draws near, Myrad, a young magi acolyte, flees for his life when his adoptive father and others are slain by a ruthless Parthian queen.

Equipped with very little, in haste Myrad escapes the city and, searching for a way to hide from the soldiers scouring the trade routes, tries to join the caravan of the merchant Walagash. The merchant senses that Myrad is keeping secrets, but when the young man proves himself a valuable asset, an epic journey filled with peril, near captures, and dangerous battles begins.

With every day that passes, the calendar creeps closer to the coming Messiah. And over everything shines the dream of a star that Myrad can’t forget, and the promise that the world will never be the same.

Praise for the Book

“Carr retells the story of the Magi in this bustling biblical adventure . . . . Myrad’s divine vision of the star and his arduous trek battling his own physical problems to pay homage to the Messiah capture the majesty of biblical narratives and will appeal to Christians well versed in scripture.”–Publishers Weekly

“Patrick Carr brings us a captivating tale in The End of the Magi. Based on the Holy Bible, he weaves a fictional tale of the adventures of a group of magi from the east looking for the Messiah. Myrad is a strong main character even though he doesn’t see himself as strong. He has great character traits and these help him find triumph over tragedy. . . . The End of the Magi is a great holiday read and gives us much to think about in our journey to know God better.”–Fresh Fiction

(Affiliate links included.)
Goodreads Amazon B&N | Book Depository Christianbook Publisher


I haven’t read many books like this, I have noticed more interest and stories depicting The Wise Men, and other famous Biblical figures. When I picked this one up, I was excited, but unsure what to expect, either way I think my reaction would be the same. I was blown away with how easy I found it to be to read this story in large bites, and I really enjoyed it! There were a few places that were slightly unbelievable or didn’t seem to fit, but never enough to take away from the enjoyment.

About the Author

Patrick W. Carr is the author of the acclaimed fantasy series The Staff and the Sword. A Cast of Stones won the 2014 Carol Award for Speculative Fiction and the 2014 Clive Staples Award. A Cast of Stones and The Hero’s Lot were both finalists for 2014 Christy Awards. He teaches high school math and makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee, with his incredible wife, Mary, and their four sons.

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Tour Schedule

Tour Giveaway

– One winner will receive a print copy of The End of the Magi and a $20 B&N gift card
– Four winners will each receive a print copy of The End of the Magi
– US only
– Ends November 29, 2019


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FFBC Tour: The Piper’s Pursuit by Melanie Dickerson

The Piper’s Pursuit
by Melanie Dickerson
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: December 3, 2019
Genre: Young Adult Fiction — Fantasy, Retelling
 photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg

A plague of rats. A giant beast outside the village walls. A host of missing children. And one young woman determined to save her people.

In 1424 Hamlin, Katerina faces threats from all sides. An outbreak of rats has overtaken the village, a mysterious beast is on a killing rampage of the village’s children, and her evil stepfather is a dark presence inside the walls of her own home. Katerina is determined to hunt and kill the Beast of Hamlin herself before more lives are lost.

When Steffan, the handsome but brash duke’s son, comes to town seeking glory and reward, Katerina decides he might be the ally she’s been looking for—even though the sweet music he plays on his pipe seems the only gentle thing about him. But there’s more to Steffan than she suspects, and she finds drawn to him despite her misgivings.

Can Katerina and Steffan stop the enemy from stealing every child of Hamlin? Or will their interference create a worse fate for them all? Melanie Dickerson delivers another exciting fairy tale journey of intrigue and romance in this reimagining of the classic Pied Piper story.


I was excited to read this one, and easily found myself captivated by Katerina’s story! I have limited to no fore knowledge of the Pied Piper, I just knew it involved a plague of mice, but I found that this story does a wonderful job of telling the story and keeping readers interested, while also telling a story of a strong young woman, who’s story is full of thrilling adventures full of action and mystery, the promise of danger, suspense, romance, redemption and love.

Melanie Dickerson is the New York Times bestselling author who combines her love for history, adventure, and romance. Her books have won a Christy Award, two Maggie Awards, The National Reader’s Choice Award, the Christian Retailing’s Best Award, the Book Buyer’s Best Award, the Golden Quill, and the Carol Award. She earned her bachelor’s degree in special education from The University of Alabama and has taught children and adults in the U.S., Germany, and Ukraine. Now she spends her time writing stories of love and adventure near Huntsville, Alabama.

November 19

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Grand Finale: Sword of Soter

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Book Tour Grand Finale for
Sword of Soter
By Ralene Burke

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you’ll find snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

Launch – Author Interview

For those new to the series, what should they know?

Yes, the series is written from a Christian worldview. In fact, the trilogy was inspired by the premise question, “What if the Armor of God were real?” But, no, I did not endeavor to preach or convert or anything like that in the story. It is just a fun epic fantasy adventure!

Life is What It’s Called – Excerpt

Karina thrust the sword toward Tristan’s gut, but he sidestepped her advance. She stumbled forward a couple of steps, then growled, spun around, and lunged again.

“No.” Tristan batted her blade away with his and swatted her behind. “You’re too impatient. You have to wait for the right opening.”

Karina sucked in a breath. The more she trained with Tristan, the more she wanted to take the dull blade in her hand and run him through. Releasing a long breath, she squared her shoulders, turned around slowly, and smiled as sweetly as she could manage. “I am sorry. I have no idea what has come over me.”

JeanBookNerd – Guest Post


Interviewer: Welcome one and all to the Sword of Soter panel. We have got the noble questers for the sacred armor with us today: Karina, Queen of Aletheia and Prophetess of the Creator; Tristan, Prince of Tzedek; Rashka, Guardian of Shadowed Wood; and Sam, Knight of Aletheia.

Sam (growls): I am not a knight.

Karina: Of course, you are! You have shown more courage and strength of character in the last weeks than most of the knights of Aletheia have shown in lifetimes. It’s an honor that would have been bestowed upon you more officially if we’d been in Aletheia.

Sam: Thank you, Your Highness.

Candrel’s Crafts, Cooks, and Characters – Interview

4.) What drives you as a writer?

I am an encourager and a “fix-it” type person. As a writer, I seek to combine both of those traits in a way that can inspire and encourage readers. That can be pretty difficult in fiction, but I don’t mind the challenge. I live for the days when I hear from a reader and they say that my stories helped them in some way.

Remembrancy – Excerpt

Tristan stared off in the direction of the sound. “That definitely lends to the mystery of what lupens are doing this far south.”

Another howl echoed through the chasm and across the plains. Karina took a step toward Tristan. An answering bay came from the east, from the distant woods. More than one? Her heartbeat skittered.

A chorus of howls brought frightened whinnies from the horses. Dom stomped his feet. “We need to go, Prophetess.

Wishful Endings – Guest Post

Top 10 Things to Bring on a Quest

We’re going on a trip…a journey…a QUEST.

First, we have to pack. Now, this ain’t a trip to the Bahamas—we can’t bring 3 suitcases on a plane to unload onto a cart and then into a car. If we’re lucky, we’ll have a horse to strap a couple extra small bags to. . .

Hallie Reads – Review

“I enjoyed getting to know Karina and the characters that surround her on her quest, as well as the challenges they face and overcome. An uplifting spiritual thread, too, can be found throughout the two stories. All in all, these books left me ready for the next one.”

Christy’s Cozy Corners – Excerpt

“And what has you two stooping to eat humans again?” The woman paused before the two ogres and raised her head to meet their glares with one of her own.

Bogey jerked his thumb in the other ogre’s direction. “Madge’s stomach.”

“What have I told you two about engaging with innocent folk?” The mysterious woman crossed her arms.

From here, Sam could tell her eyes were a beautiful emerald green, the same color as her dress. No wonder she hid so well on her approach. Whoever she was, at least she seemed to be on his side. Or at least on the side of not letting the ogres eat him.

Faithfully Bookish – Interview

What did you learn or discover about yourself (or your characters) while writing Sword of Soter?

R: Well, I discovered I could write 10k words in a single day on multiple Saturdays. Ha! Life was kind of hectic, and I kept having to catch up on my word count goals.

On a more serious note, writing Rashka’s story in this book, helped me work through some of my own issues of “trying to do it all on my own.”

Reading Is My SuperPower – Review

Armor of Aletheia and Sword of Soter present an action-filled allegory of faith set against the backdrop of good vs. evil . . . the author has clearly drawn some intricate world-building and left some intriguing possibilities for the third and final book in the trilogy. A great choice for young adults, to entertain as well as strengthen their faith.”

Paulette’s Papers – Excerpt

She opened her eyes to a shimmering green flame, reminiscent of the bonfire from their night in Greenhorn. She shrunk against Tristan’s side. He nudged her farther behind him and stood, pulling his sword.

Masculine laughter rose from amid the unusual flames. Rashka, her face a stoic mask, rounded the fire with her bow poised as she made her way toward Karina.

“What is happening?” Karina asked.

“I do not know, Prophetess.” Rashka fixed her gaze at the fire. “Stay back.”

Library Lady’s Kid Lit – Review & Interview

“After reading Armor of Aletheia earlier this fall, I was eagerly anticipating Sword of Soter. Ralene Burke did not disappoint. Burke continues the epic adventure begin in book one. Some of the characters continue in Sword of Soter and new ones are introduced. . . . If you enjoy epic fantasy like Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia, I highly recommend Sword of Soter.”

Who did you have in mind as you wrote the book?

The Sacred Armor trilogy was written for those who are still searching for their calling. Or those who have found their calling but are unsure they are worthy of it or how to embrace it. Each character is the story is called to something they are uncomfortable with for different reasons, much like we are.

Andi’s Young Adult Books – Excerpt

Holding his monocle, the man offered a deep bow, to which Karina nodded. There was something familiar about him. “Greetings, Queen Karina. How nice to see you again. You are welcome indeed. I am sure you have forgotten by now, but I am Bormain, steward of the roy—by the Creator, Tristan Lemur, is that you?”

Karina fought to maintain her composure as she turned to Tristan, who stiffened before holding out his hand in greeting. “Bormain, my good man, it is good to see you again.”

Bormain looked a bit flustered. “I did not realize we had two royal guests.” He quirked a brow. “Much less that you were traveling together.”

Colorimetry – Guest Post

Building a Storybook World

One of the best aspects of being a fantasy writer is the freedom to build our own story worlds. Granted, to an extent, we are still bound by the laws of science. But there is still massive freedom in creating a new world, including geography, creatures, and cultures. . .

Inspirational Reading Adventures – Interview & Review

Q: Which genre is your favorite? If you could only write or recommend readers read one, what would your ‘go-to’ genre be?

A: FANTASY! I love that fantasy allows us to expand our imagination, to create new worlds, new peoples, new creatures. We can explore all the stuff we face in real life, but in a way that is removed and still provides a sense of escape.

“If I enjoyed the first, I loved reading Sword of Soter! From the start, I was quickly pulled back into to this series, and having already met some of the main characters, this one holds more character growth and I loved all the awkward tension as Tristan and Karina learned to work together both with each other, and with others. I also felt this one is a smoother read, and the pacing was much better.”

Red Headed Book Lady – Guest Post

#SHINEBeyond in Soter

Readers often ask me where I came up with the #SHINEBeyond tagline and what exactly it means. And I’m all too happy to take the time to answer as this philosophy is something dear to my heart. Essentially, #SHINEBeyond was a culmination of all my work in writing, editing, and ministry—a cohesive theme seen in everything I tried to do. . .

Romancing History – Excerpt

As the steward opened the door, Karina cleared her throat. “Please remind the king that my business is urgent. I need to take my leave as soon as possible.”

“I will, Your Majesty. Enjoy your stay at the palace.” And then he was gone.

Karina turned back to the room. Tristan stood in the corner not bothering to hide his smirk. Rashka paced by the windows, looking out over the courtyard below and the sea beyond. Lady Moriah and the two handmaidens stood off to the side, watching them expectantly. What now?

Singing Librarian Books – Spotlight

Locks, Hooks and Books – Excerpt

Sabreen clasped her hands together and held them near her heart. “And you found her.” The words sounded sarcastic, yet there was a hint of some other emotion—something Sam could not determine.

He chuckled. “Yeah, I found her with a bounty hunter.”

She gasped. “How did you all get away?”

“We didn’t. Turns out the bounty hunter was helping her. At least he was by then. After he kidnapped her. After he took her to Faramos.”

Paper, Ink, & Lizard – Review

“. . . Burke’s passion for Christ shines through the pages of Sword of Soter through her characters, especially the main character Karina. Sword of Soter is a pleasant story and great for reading on rainy days.”

J. L. Mbewe – Review

“Ralene Burke knows how to weave a story! . . . Sword of Soter was an enjoyable read that kept me turning the page to see what will happen next.”

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of this post…

Sword of Soter
(Sacred Armor Trilogy #2)
By Ralene Burke
YA Fantasy, Christian
Paperback & ebook, 275 Pages
September 25th 2019 by Elk Lake Publishing Inc




Karina, Tristian, Rashka, and Sam venture forth into the wilderness of Soter on the next leg of their quest to retrieve the Armor of the Creator. With the ancient evil already affecting the kingdom, nothing in Soter is what it seems—from what skulks beneath the canopies of the woods to what lies within the sleek white and gold of the capitol city to the people Karina and Tristan have known since they were children.

Danger lurks around every corner. Discerning who to trust is paramount to staying alive and discovering the location of the Temple of Soter. Yet, to Karina’s horror, Faramos’s reach finds them time and again. The longer they are forced to dawdle, the more people are affected by the growing panic in Soter, and the closer Faramos is to taking over the Three Kingdoms. Can Karina retrieve the information they need while Tristan keeps his brother at bay? Or will the entire quest disintegrate before they even arrive at the temple?

(Affiliate link included.)
Also available on KindleUnlimited.

Other Books in the Series

Armor of Aletheia
(Sacred Armor Trilogy #1)
By Ralene Burke
YA Fantasy, Christian
Paperback & ebook, 268 Pages
August 29th 2018 by Elk Lake Publishing Inc.

The death of her king changes Karina’s life forever. Fleeing the royal house, she must leave her life behind to seek out the Armor of the Creator—to save the very people who now hunt her.

Faramos, the evil warlock waiting to unleash hell, knows the Creator has already chosen his warrior, so he sends his bounty hunter to retrieve her. After Tristan abducts her, he witnesses Karina’s gentle nature and strong independence, and he finds he can’t complete his assignment.

Together, they set out to retrieve the armor and defeat the hordes of creatures sent to destroy them. But is Tristan’s heart secure as he faces certain death for defending the queen? And will Karina have the courage to become all the Creator intends her to be? Failure will condemn the world to eternal darkness.

(Affiliate link included.)
GoodreadsAmazonBarnes & Noble
Also available on KindleUnlimited.

About the Author

Whether she’s wielding a fantasy author’s pen, a social media wand, or a freelance editor’s sword, Ralene Burke always has her head in some dreamer’s world. And her goal is to help everyone #SHINEBeyond their circumstances! Her fantasy novels are available on Amazon.

When her head’s not in the publishing world, she is wife to a veteran and homeschooling mama to their three kids. Her Pinterest board would have you believe she is a master chef, excellent seamstress, and all-around crafty diva. If she only had the time . . . You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or at her website.


Bookstagram Tour

This has its own giveaway, so go check it out! Enter at each stop for extra entries.

October 28th: @TheReadingCornerforAll
October 29th: @h.szott
October 30th: @mamabear_reads
October 31st: @brenyandbooks
November 1st: @bookishdelightz

Tour Giveaway

One winner will win a prize pack that will include print copies of Armor of Aletheia and Sword of Soter, a plush blanket, a tumbler with candy, a journal, and a pen all inside a half-bushel basket inlaid with a gorgeous book print material.
US only
Ends November 6, 2019


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Cover Reveal: Fae Curse

Fae Curse
Eve A. Hunt
Publication date: January 3rd 2020
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

What do sexy fae lords, a vampire assassin, and a TV baking show have in common?

Yours truly.

Yeah no, I did not plan this.

After scoring first in the show, I opened a bakery with my bestie and planned to live a long life riding my motorcycle and shoving chocolate croissants into my face hole.

But when a castle full of ridiculously gorgeous immortals showed up in my small town south of Nashville, my life changed.

A lot. Like a lot, a lot.

Because of a five hundred year old curse, the immortals can’t leave the castle without turning to ash. But when the most powerful fae lord uses his seductive power to lure me closer—planning to psychically feed on my aura—he successfully steps out of the castle for the first time.

Now the fae want more than a taste of my aura. They want to use all of my blood to break the curse. I’m pretty sure the vamp just wants me for dessert, which is painfully ironic. And until I figure out how to throw the immortals back into whatever magical hole they crawled out of, they will wreak murderous havoc on my hometown.

I don’t want to go down as a sacrifice to save everyone. As far as I know there aren’t any pumpkin muffins in the afterlife.

If only this life were as simple as a biscuit recipe…

If you are a fan of fated mates, enemies to lovers, and kickass heroines, you’ll love this series! Read the first five chapters for FREE here:

Add to Goodreads


Author Bio:

Congrats! You are in on a secret…

Eve A. Hunt is the paranormal romance/urban fantasy pen name for USA Today bestselling author Alisha Klapheke

Website / Facebook / Instagram




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48473289. sy475

(The Birthright Series #1)


My mom should have killed me the day I was born.

In her nearly nine-hundred-year reign as the Empress of the First Family, sparing my life seventeen years ago was her single act of mercy.
Evians around the world refer to me as “Enora’s Folly.”

I’d excited to read this one, and from the start, I’m sure I’m in for an exciting read!

Check back soon for my review of this novel!




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