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ARC Review: Fierce Pride: Episode Six

ARC Review


Fierce Pride: Episode Six

by Victoria H. Smith 

The veil has been lifted, the lines drawn and now, Shanora must venture into the darkest of worlds. Will she end up whole on the other end?

She’s destroyed everything… my sister. My own blood ripped everything out from underneath me and I’m forced to mend the pieces of a broken land as a result. My sister and her hate shattered me but I don’t have time to fall apart. I have a people to both rule and serve and even more issues to deal with when it comes to my heart.

Gael, Easton, and Davis want more from me, more than my body… and I’m left with uncertainty. They come from a world of customs I not only don’t understand, but don’t entirely trust. I can’t hold faith in my own feelings least of all theirs and in any sense, what’s going on with us is completely outside our priority. My sister is at large and not only does she want my position atop the throne but a great power heavily valued by our people…

She won’t wait around for me to figure out the matters of my heart.

Fierce Pride 6 is book six of twelve. Expect a new installment every two weeks!

*I received an advance copy from the author. This does not affect my review.*

Ah, well, I didn’t see that coming! Well, I did know that ‘something’ was going to happen, but whoa! This one packs a punch! I loved seeing Shanora and the guys, but I’m really wanting to see her realize that her words/actions are hurting them all, especially Easton, but I’ve no doubt she will figure that out in time. I liked the steamy parts in this, but actually not as much as the forest scene…well scenes really since I liked the first time she turned Pantheran too…but XD (This is totally on me though, I’ve always found group scenes to be a little…strange, but I know that’s the appeal for most in RH books.)

As mentioned, the ending in this one is…explosive, and with this being the half-way point, I’m excited to see both how this turns out, and how the series progresses. I have a feeling it’s going to be full of action, steamy times, and exciting twists!

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