Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Wednesday’s Musings: Things I wish more books talked about

So I’ve been meaning to do these for a while, but am just now catching a topic I can easily think of a response to. As shown above, this is a weekly post, and there’s some interesting and well written reponces that can be found on the main page from some of the other wonderful ladies that take part in these posts on: Long and Short Reviews.

So this week’s topic is: Things I wish more books talked about

A lot of the responses seem to mention periods, and I agree, I think periods should at least be mentioned more, and even the need to relieve oneself at times. I’ve only seen it come up…once or twice? No, I don’t want gory details, but can anyone really tell me they’ve never been in a long meeting, or traffic-jam and really wished there was a bathroom near-by? How can characters, fancy ladies suddenly finding themselves ‘ruffing it’ in unknown lands, or characters who are suddenly ‘trapped’ somewhere, and they never even think about natural needs? There are some mentions of food in most books, but other things aren’t even thought of.

The one I’d really love to see though, outside of more…realistic characters (at least to a point, I do love my fantasy, but even they deal with some more normal issues at times),
I want to see more cultures/nationalities represented. I’ve seen more variety in ‘appearances’ but often these people from ‘around the globe’ seem to think and act very similar considering their differences. I also know that stereotypes are big, and things like ‘Asians being martial-artists’ can be offensive to some, but if it’s realistic, or only part of who they are, it gives the story a much more complex variety. I’ve noticed a select few where there are Muslims mentioned, and it’s not only in how they dress, but they also act and think differently based on how their religion works, and it isn’t super detailed, and yet it adds to the story, making these characters unique. This can be done for any character, but most seem to all act similar, sure there’s the nobles and commoners, etc, but they are all from the same culture, or at least same mentality.

ALSO!!! DO NOT use ‘diversity or representation’ as a marketing tool. I’ve read too many books where a POC or LGBT+ character suddenly appears/or comes out, but it really adds nothing, and has no place in the story. I have no problem if it is important to the story, but if it’s just to get that little mention in there, it’s annoying, and actually makes me more likely to avoid future books in that series/by that author. Like above, if the characters are more fleshed out and not just cardboard figures, fine, but don’t do it just so you can say: “Yes, my book has ‘such-and-such representation.”
I’m not sure if others struggle with that, but it’s like having unicorns in a historical fiction… it might work for some, but it doesn’t really fit there.

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