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ARC Review: Episode 1: Mafia Gods Paranormal Reverse Harem: The Curse of Ra

ARC Review


Episode 1: Mafia Gods Paranormal Reverse Harem: The Curse of Ra

(Mafia Gods Paranormal Reverse Harem: The Curse of Ra #1)

by Cleo Fox 

Never ending darkness. It swallowed me whole. Cold and unforgiving. Nothing before it.Then a light shone through, piercing my being, and I came to be. Snow and TJ, my first memory that made the darkness slink away. He’s the light I never knew existed. And even though he won’t ever admit it, I think he needed me, too.

Twenty-years later, we had jobs and a place to live. We work for the local mafia, which puts the skills we learned on the street to good use. Or at least it would if our boss would let us do more than shake down something tougher than the boneless, greasy con-men we normally got.

But everything changes the night we meet a god and I unwittingly gain his attention. My relationship with TJ is alerted forever, and other mafia bosses move in on our territory: Chronos, twin brothers Hades and Anubis, and the ever powerful Ra.

Our boss Janus isn’t happy, and neither am I. The darkness that holds my past has begun to let go, and these gods are a part of that. But do I want to know the truth of who and what I am?

Adult Med-burn RH.
Disclaimer: Loosely based on mythology from many cultures. Lots of creative liberties taken.


*I received a complementary copy from the author. This does not affect my review.*

I wasn’t sure how to rate this one, but settled on 4-stars. I found that other than Min and TJ I cared more about finding out more about who and what Min is, and why that would matter to a god/gods, than the present story. That said, as I kept reading, I found myself wanting to know more about the other characters as well. I didn’t care for the steamy stuff so early, (although it was well done) since I prefer to know the characters a little first, but I love Min and TJ’s relationship, and am also curious to know more about the god mentioned. I also loved Mun, though I’m starting to wonder who’s side she’s really on… And that ending left more questions than answers, which I’m looking forward to finding in future installments!

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