Saturday, May 11, 2019

-April’s Wrap-Up-


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Okay, I know I shared this one IG (and the image here) but here’s my ‘official’ post. I didn’t read as much, but I’m in the middle of a few books, so I’m hoping to have a good reading month in May.
(I’m also doing some Beta reading, so while I don’t count those for this, it’s still reading, and I’m excited to read more of both series! One’s Dronefall 3 by an author I’ve been working with since last year, and the other’s a new series by Beth Carol Anderson, I helped her with her debut series, and I’m in love with this new series too!)
These are my finished reads this month. (Also I’ve reviewed them on Goodreads/Amazon if you’r curious on my thought. I’m working on catching up on my posts here, but I didn’t have any reviews ready, then started reading novellas and serial episodes, so they got ahead of me, oops! haha)
This was good for me, as I loved reading these, and can’t wait for Paradox, the sequel to Chaos that comes out in July? (Last I heard, I know it’s this summer ^.^’) That was the only full-length story/novel I finished, though as mentioned I’m Beta reading two others that are both full-length.
The episodes are also some of my favorite reads lately. Especially the Fierce Pride (Ep. 5 just came out, and it’s so good!)
Mafia Gods is interesting as it mixed a lot of mythology, but I’m not as invested in the characters or plot yet, but I do want to know the answer to the mystery of Min, the female lead. The story is well written, and now that she’s starting to put things together, I’m enjoying the responses and interactions she has as she remembers her standing among the gods in the story. (I also have the latest Ep. of this series, and so far it’s had an interesting start!)

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