Sunday, March 3, 2019

Sunday’s Spotlight: Kingdom of the Shine

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A Reverse Harem Fantasy

(Realm of Beauty #2)

A new threat. An untested queen. She must choose—save her lover or save her kingdom.

Recent college graduate Gemma was crowned ruler of Lunaria, and is ready to live happily ever after with her three lovers, Eos, Zane, and Bastion—but Bastion’s been stolen back to Razarath, the dark province in the clouds where his mothers, the Rath, keep watch over nature. And unless Queen Gemma releases him from his engagement vow, the Rath will ruin Lunaria’s crops, forcing Gemma’s people to face the threat of starvation.

But while Gemma is also trying to bargain for her kingdom’s safety, she’s dealing with the complexities of nurturing her relationships—Eos is still recovering from the attacks on his nation’s borders, Zane is grappling with his new responsibilities as king-to-be, and Bastion must deal with his true identity while his life in Gemma’s hands.

Gemma must unite the kingdom, save Bastion, and negotiate for Lunaria’s future—or she may lose more than just her crown.

Kingdom of the Shine is the second book in the Realm of Beauty series, a steamy reverse harem fantasy romance series.