Monday, October 1, 2018

My Monday

It’s Monday again! It’s also the first of a new month, and Oct 6th will mark my 2.5 years of blogging (I started my Blogger blog under the same name April 6, 2016!) So, with that, I’m hoping to make some changes. Don’t worry, they are all for a better, and hopefully neater!, experience.

First, some of you may have noticed my ‘Reviews’ page on my blog, well, the plan is to have a completely list of review there, but I haven’t had time to go through everything yet, so I’m hoping to fix that this month.

I also have…um…some books that are overdue a review (ahem, long overdue in some cases…Oops!) I’m going to go through every book I’ve ever agreed to review and either get reviews written up for those I’ve read, or mark them as DNF and let the author know (hopefully…)

The third thing I plan to start doing if going wide with my reviews. Up to this point, I mainly posted here, Goodreads, and sometimes Amazon, along with NetGalley or Edelweiss if the ARC is from them. Then I upload them to LibraryThing and BookLikes a couple times a year…BUT with all the problems author and reviewers have had with the formerly mentioned A giant, I’ve decided to fight back, and start posting to all the book store sites and Goodreads/LibraryThing type sites I can. I’m also likely to start trying to find books on other retailer sites. While I know they all have the right, and ability, to close my account without reason, it seems some are much more likely than others, and removing honest reviews from self-published authors (I know many who have had issues with this and other problems from the A giant.) I also notice that I’m apparently not the only one who doesn’t post on every site, as it seems Amazon always has loads more reviews than a lot of the other sites. (Completely understandable since one, they are global, and two everyone knows about them so many authors ask directly for reviews there.) I think in part, that’s because us as consumers have allowed the A giant to grow so big, same as Wal-mart, which is now over Kobo…Not sure that’s any better, but it’s still new, so there’s a chance…

As for me? Well it’s pretty good… As I think I’ve mentioned before, my parents own what we affectionately call our ‘mini farm’ consisting mostly of chickens and rabbits with a few other things (dogs, cats, etc.) Well, we’ve come to a point where we need to reduce the numbers, and really plan on where to go from here. This also has to do with the family crisis (financial) mentioned in August, and my uncertain living arrangements and whether I’m going back to school or going to try to work and save up for my own place. I’m currently unable to work until I can either find a way to live with my grandma and still get to work (neither of us have a car, and I would have to walk over 1+ miles each way in all weather, we live in East Tennessee so there are mountains all around and no flat land, and I have health issues, so walking every day isn’t really an option.) The problem is we are in a income based apartment with both our names on the lease, but she is adamant about not moving, and if I get a job from another address we will be in big trouble. So…I’m in limbo, again. I also have the health issues (bipolar I and anxiety mainly, but there are others.) and was super unstable the beginning of the year, that’s why I’ve spent so much time at my parent’s house this year, so I wasn’t able to work until possibly recently anyway. (I say possibly since I haven’t been able to both work and be stable since my diagnosis in 2016. So I’m terrified to go back to work, plus I went to Voc Rehab for help, and they told me I should absolutely avoid retail, food, factory, or nursing jobs if at all possible since I didn’t have the skills needed…Which is like, EVERY entry-level job that I know about in my area (and almost the only jobs I’ve ever worked, the only other job was a summer job while I was in college which I would love to do part time, but it’s only a short-term program.) and the only jobs my parents have ever suggested I work without schooling, which guess what…I have a loan that needs paid off so I can go back to school (that’s like half the reason I didn’t finish, mental health (mostly undiagnosed but I’d had severe depression (diagnosed at 6, but never followed up after my family moved when I was 8+, and anxiety along with stress induced migraines.) and them not actually having the degree program they assured they had when I signed up)…but if I can’t work, not sure how that’s going to happen, but whatever. My parents would pay it off (grudgingly on my step-dad’s part, but he’s the only one able to work.), but they can’t, at least not right now.

That said, we’re going through some…growing pains? Anyway, some major life decisions have been, will be, and are being made on all sides. While this can be a very good thing, it doesn’t always feel so good while we are in the midst of things. That said, I feel that we will all come out stronger, braver, and better for it.

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