Sunday, September 2, 2018

Review: Hey! God, Was That You?: Coincidences from Over Five Thousand Flight Hours and Forty-Four Years


Hey! God, Was That You?: Coincidences from Over Five Thousand Flight Hours and Forty-Four Years

Ron Gluck, bush pilot and international relations liaison, glances back in time, anecdotally revisiting flying, language gems, and conversation slices occurring from 1963 to 2007 in Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, Washington, D.C., and New York City.

He flew five thousand accident-free hours mostly in single engine planes over uncharted mountainous terrain of Papua New Guinea and later in charted Cameroon. The safety he attributes to God’s grace and to superb maintenance by fellow JAARS specialists.

The incidents revisited were central to events that took place but were never scrutinized. Dismissed as coincidence, they were accepted as “how things worked out.” In his review, Gluck suggests a continuing role of the Creator in the world today in ways seldom discussed, but alluded to with these questions.

Is not the living God, maker of heaven and earth, still involved in weather, ideas, timing, and answering prayers?

Doesn’t He who gives life also sustain heartbeats and breathing in every living being, including those reading this profile?

“What a precious manuscript! …just now finished reading it and did not want it to end.”

–Linda Hancock, librarian

“Reading your book at same time as John 7:18. You’ve glorified Him.”

–Kenneth Gray, PhD, Economic Research Service, USDA, retired

“Your Lamnso story showed how Bible translators have given one isolated culture after another a giant step forward, reducing their speech to texts that can then be read by others. No wonder the Lamnso were thrilled, and deeply grateful!”

–Robert Park, professor emeritus of law, the George Washington University


* I received a digital copy from the publisher for review. This does not affect my review.*

I’ll admit, I haven’t heard of this author before, and likely wouldn’t have read this book if it hadn’t been offered to me fore review. That said, I was impressed and ended up enjoying this story. In a way, it reminded me of the missionary, Jim Elliot, who also went by plane to reach indigenous peoples for Christ. Yes, I know it’s not the same, but then again, both reached out to people who needed to know Jesus, and were willing to risk it all to spread light in the darkness. Ron Gluck talks about being blessed that he was able to fly accident free over and over again. At any point, something could have happened, and yet he chose to place his trust in God, giving Him the glory.

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