Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What Are You Reading Wednesday? : August 1, 2018 *Pure Rapture (Pure/ Dark Ones #5)*

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Pure Rapture (Pure/ Dark Ones #5)

Their love is outlawed by both their Kinds…

Tal-Telal, the legendary General who led the Pure Ones to freedom, paid the ultimate price for his people: breaking the heart of his one True Love.

Her shattered heart continues to yearn…

Ishtar Anshar, once royalty reigning over a vast, ancient empire, lost everything she held dear. Deceived by those she trusted the most, she blamed the one male who sacrificed all to protect her.

No matter the distance and time, love is a renegade that cannot be ruled…

Now Fate has reunited them in this modern time to combat a burgeoning threat. Can they put the darkness behind them and forge a brighter future together?


1. Why did you decide to pick up this book–cover or content?

Content, I’ve read most of the other books in this series, and really enjoyed them, so I was super excited to get an ARC of this one!

2. Who is your favorite character so far, and why?

I just started, so I don’t really have a favorite, but so far I’m enjoying both of the MCs.

3. Will you finish this one?

Yes! So far, this one is shaping up to be amazing!

4. This book reminds me of…

I don’t read a lot of PNR (Paranormal Romance) especially adult books, so I can’t really say.

5. What type of read is this one? (Slow but interesting, cannot put it down…)

Somewhere between, but I’m expecting it to pick  up soon!

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