Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Review: The Last Goodbye (A Fragile Chaos Prequel Novella)


The Last Goodbye

Pages: 41
Published: December 5th 2017
500 years before Theo met Cassia, Leander met Lyda.

The Netherworld was never meant for the living. It steals a mortal’s sanity piece-by-piece, day-by-day. No one understands that better than the God of Death. But the chance for even a single day of company is a seductive thing and Leander can’t help looking forward to each sacrifice.

When the last mortal country outlaws human sacrifice, Leander’s new bride becomes his last. Though he knows he should let Lyda continue on to her afterlife, the pair grows closer and the God of Death hesitates in the face of eternal solitude. But soon, Leander must decide between being selfish and selfless.

Ah! I loved Leander from Fragile Chaos, and oh, this novella was everything I could have wanted! Even though I knew where this story was headed, it was still heart-breaking, and bitter-sweet, and perfection! I don’t read many novella, unless it’s part of a series, or other book like this was, but even so, this was one of my favorites! For such a short story, there is plenty of emotion, and I was easily able to meet and connect with the characters, an important fact since this can easily serve as a stand-alone or a prequel for Fragile Chaos, it’s completely up to the reader.

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