Wednesday, August 22, 2018

KidLitExchange Review: Bhimrao Ambedkar: The Boy Who Asked Why?


Bhimrao Ambedkar: The Boy Who Asked Why

by Sowmya Rajendran (Author),
Satwik Gade (Illustrator)
Why do I have to sit separately in a corner of the classroom? Why can’t I drink water from the tap like other children? Why do the teachers never touch my books?

The ‘whys’ shout louder in little Bhim’s head as he grows up, trailed constantly by the monster of untouchability. They catapult him into a lifetime of struggle for equality. They shape the remarkable ideas that are the cornerstone of the Indian Constitution, which he drafted as India’s first Law Minister.

The Boy Who Asked Why follows the life of an extraordinary man, ‘Babasaheb’ Bhimrao Ambedkar, who energised the struggle against caste prejudice. His fiery speeches and writings urged Dalits to protest against the inhumanity they suffered, and continue to suffer. This straightforward telling, visualised with quirky imagination, brings to children a man whose story will raise their awareness of discrimination — leading them, perhaps, to ask their own whys.

*I received a digital copy of this book as part of the KidLitExchange. This does not affect my review.*

Wow! I love children’s books where both parent and child learns something, and this book about a well known name in India’s history is introduced to readers around the world. I have never heard of Bhimrao Ambedkar, and I’m sure many others haven’t either, but I’m so glad to see the change one person could bring about, and that there is good in the world. It is a great resource for teachers, librarians, and parents!