Thursday, August 9, 2018

99c Sale: Uncommon World Quartet


This limited edition collection includes all four books in the series for just 99c. It’s incredibly well rated, so I hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂


Read the Uncommon World Quartet

Against impossible odds, fierce women wield their unique magic to battle the evil growing in the empire.

Waters of Salt and Sin

A reckless sailor armed with salt magic fights to save her sister and the man she isn’t allowed to love.


A young woman makes a desperate ride to a foreign city to keep her family from being torn apart.

Plains of Sand and Steel

A ruler blessed with fire magic is the only shield against a hoard of berserk invaders set on destroying her city.

Forest of Silver and Secrets (previously unreleased!)

A legendary captain and a mercenary skilled in chanting magic rise up against a bloodthirsty forest god who has ruled for one thousand years.

Join the adventure to experience the intrigue, war, romance, and medieval mythology of the Uncommon World series today!

Discover the Uncommon World series

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