Monday, July 16, 2018

My Monday

*sigh* Hello again. Wow, last week, and this week are shaping up to be super busy! (Also sorry about not doing this post last week…or many posts at all lately! I’ll try to work on posting more after this week…hopefully.

So, at the beginning of July I was summoned for jury duty… which is fine, other than 1, I have anxiety, 2. I don’t have a car, and 3. I’m not currently living at my ‘official address’ but would be in trouble if I told the judge that…so I’m stuck serving. I went to orientation last week, and was told I may have to serve 9 days between now and September, but I’m supposed to call the night before to be sure… and even if they do have court, I might end up going 3 hrs out of my way, just to be told they don’t need me >.> Which I’m not happy about, but do to people telling me bad info, I didn’t try to get out of it, only to be told that I really should have gotten out of it, as it’s not only me, but my whole family that have to deal with it since I don’t have a car, and I’m living 3 hrs away. My apartment is about 15 minutes away, but I can’t live there because of financial struggles, and the fact that I can’t get a job without a car… Ugh. I’m so tired of caring!

Oh! And I did a vocation test telling me what jobs I can and can’t do…? Yeah, the results were that I should not work retail, factory, food, or nursing…Which is the only thing offered to people with only high-school deploma’s where I live…The job I should work? Animals! Which I have said I wanted to do since I was 5ish…The problem? I have to work to pay off school ( from my time at a private school, but no degree), so I can get a degree with animals…Yeah. I’m in an endless cycle, and I hate it. I have to work I job I hate, for an unknown amount of time, to get the job I want…Which isn’t too bad, but working a job I hate (aka stress!) is one of my triggers that make my bipolar I and anxiety act up and I can’t work OR drive if I’m unstable…

Oh, and this week is Vacation Bible School (VBS) for my sister and brother, plus the Bee Club where I live (and where my mom is Secretary and my step-dad is Vice President) is having it’s picnic Friday, which is all on my family this year to host…

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