Sunday, July 29, 2018

Cover Reveal: Queen of Thieves

I am SO excited to share this with you guys! For the first time since I started publishing, I decided to work with a designer instead of doing the covers myself and holy hell am I glad I did!! Check out the cover reveal, new blurb, and link to the first 3 chapters now!!


The cover was designed by Ravenborn, a kickass designer who specializes in fantasy covers! She’s absolutely amazing and was such a pleasure to work with! I really think she captured Narra, and the look I was going for!


Ruthless commander. Cunning thief. Deadly blademaster.


Narra is a second generation thief raised in the Guild by her iron-fisted father. Growing up, she dreamed his death would free her, but when he shows up dead in the wreckage of a train destroyed by the Revolution, the happiest day of her life is ruined by one word: traitor.

Her father is accused of betraying the only thing she thought he ever really loved; the Thieves Guild. To prove his innocence, and remove the stain from her name, Narra will go to darker places than she ever thought possible and be forced to work with people she doesn’t dare trust.

If she fails, she’ll lose more than her sanity or her life.

She’ll lose the Guild.

Set in a steampunk world on the cusp of civil war, Queen of Thieves introduces a dark tale where family lies, magic might be real, and thieves fall for revolutionary princesses.

Queen of Thieves releases August 21st, and will be available for pre-order in the next few weeks!

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Get the first 3 chapters of QUEEN OF THIEVES now!


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