Monday, June 11, 2018

My Monday: 6/11/18

It’s Monday again! I’ve been doing some housework and trying to help my mom get the house cleaned up this weekend. I also called Vocational Rehab last week, and have a meeting tomorrow with someone who is going to help me get a job. I’m super nervous about it, since I don’t know what to expect, but I’m hoping all goes well.

I also have an appointment with my counselor who advised I contact Vocational Rehab last month. I’m worried about getting a job, since I technically live with my grandma in an apartment, but I’ve been staying with my mom to help with my Bipolar I & anxiety treatment after working the holidays and getting super unstable. (I also have Asperger, but insurance refused to pay for the testing.) I don’t drive (yet) and my grandma can’t drive anymore either, so it’s super hard for me to get a job because I don’t have a way to work when I’m at the apartment, but my grandma doesn’t want to move (she’s 70, and has a lot of trouble getting around, and almost never leaves the house.) but it’s an income based apartment, so I have to tell them if I get a job, and we might end up kicked out. We will also loose Food-Stamps, but we currently don’t get enough to feed both of us. We need about $180 a month for both of us, but they are only giving us $120, that’s a big difference, and we also both have medical bills to worry about.

Another thing is, when I’m with my mom, I also have to deal with my step-dad. He’s super unstable, so one day he’s fine with me, and then all of a sudden, he hates me and wants me gone. The problem with this is, if my grandma looses our apartment, I won’t have anywhere to go if I have to leave.

I was kicked out at 18, and forced to live in a homeless shelter for a while, then had to go to a school I really couldn’t afford, and eventually got kicked out because I wasn’t able to cover tuition, and didn’t have a job. We get along better now, but it’s still really touch and go, and I never know what to expect. That said, my mom is the only one who truly understands me, and the only one who can help me when I’m unstable. Both my grandma and step-dad just think I’m a spoiled brat, and acting out, when I get to a point when I need my meds adjusted, and need their understanding.

So a lot is riding on this week, but I’m hoping that everything works out.