Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Review: Sleep Train

35742906Sleep Train

A perfectly pitched bedtime story and counting book for sleepy train lovers, illustrated in dramatic 3D sculptures!

A little boy climbs into bed with a book and starts counting the train cars in it, between the engine and caboose. “Ten sleepy cars going clickety-clack,” reads the refrain. But as the boy counts cars and gets sleepier and sleepier, his room looks more and more like one of the train cars from his book–the sleeping car, of course!

Rhythmically told by the author of the Froggy books, Sleep Train is also stunning to look at. 3D illustrator, Lauren Eldridge, has sculpted an entire train full of intricate details. Part bedtime story, part counting book, part children’s fantasy, Sleep Train is a magical ride to dreamland.



*I received a copy from the publisher for review. This does not affect my review.*

I hate writing this review, since I only agreed to review it because I was sure I would love it, and yet here we are. The cover is stunning, and the blurb drew me in. That said, the book was nothing like I expected.

While the illustrations are beautiful throughout, there is almost no characters, and the one character, the little boy is more frightening than friendly. (Even though he only appears once or twice) The words start out fine, but soon take on a chaotic pace, with little to no explanation. What is supposed to be a soothing bedtime rhyme only served to leave me frustrated and confused. While I don’t read children’s books all the time, I’ve read enough to know the good from the bad. As I said, I wanted to love this one, but sadly I won’t be recommending it.

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