Friday, April 13, 2018

Blog Tour: Happily (Guest Post & Review)

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The Glass Heist – “Happily’s” Original Draft

Thank you for letting me drop in for today’s blog post, Stephanie!

Those of you who have been following the blog tour have probably heard me make mention several times of an earlier draft of Happily—one which I wrote about 100 pages for, and then had to ditch because it wasn’t working.

I thought that some of you might be a bit curious as to what that story looked like.

For starters, it was titled The Glass Heist. In it, Laure was part of a team of con artists—quite literally con artists. They’d do jobs like this: a crooked rat catcher (who wasn’t really part of the team) would release his trained rats onto a property that they were going to do the next job at. When he got called in, he’d case the place, looking at what some of their most valuable items were. Then he’d provide very detailed descriptions or illustrations to the thieving crew. They would create replicas of the items from cheap material—good enough to hold up to a casual inspection. Then Laure, following a floor plan provided by the rat catcher, would break into the house and swap the original item for the fake. The crew would then melt down or dismantle the original, and sell the raw materials or craft new items from them to sell. The people who had been robbed wouldn’t realize anything had happened for days, possibly weeks.

But then the rat catcher was going to betray the group, and only Laure would escape. She’d end up teaming up with one of the captured crewmembers’ apprentices, and the two amateurs would work together to pull off their biggest job yet: create a replica glass slipper that Laure could fit, swap it out for the original without the royal family realizing, and then put it on, become the princess, and use her new political influence to free her friends from the dungeon and execution and escape with them.

It was a good idea, but it just wasn’t working. Alas, that’s sometimes how things go.

For anyone interested in reading that original draft, I’ve uploaded what there was of it here. You’ll find both the mobi and epub versions. It doesn’t go through the whole story, and it hasn’t been edited or anything, but I thought I’d make it available for those who are curious.

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Review: This book! I’m a sucker for a good retelling, but every now and again, I stumble upon one that blows it out of the water. This is one such book! This is my first time reading anything by Chauncey Rogers, but he instantly became one of my favorite authors because of this book! After some research, his other title is a horror/thriller, so completely different, but it seems his writing skills are not only impressive in one genre, but from reviews his thriller also gets rave reviews, and I’m excited to check it out! I loved his writing style in this one, and how he took a very well known story, and made it something new, and yet it was close enough to the original to be called a retelling.

Laure is such a fun protagonist, and from the start, it’s clear that she’s not your typical female lead. I loved reading her story, and enjoyed all the twists and surprises in Happily!

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