Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Review: Rebel (Recoil #3)

32072357 Rebel by Joanne Macgregor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Can you win a war without losing yourself?

Sixteen year-old online gamer Jinxy James has been trained as an expert sniper in the war against a terrorist-spread plague which has decimated the USA. Now she’s a wanted fugitive, on the run with a rebel splinter group, risking everything to save and protect her loved ones.

Jinxy has never wanted to hurt or kill, but the rebels are determined to uncover the truth about The Game, the government, and ASTA’s sinister activities, whatever the cost. She will need all her courage, skill and strength if she hopes to help liberate the nation from the second war, without betraying herself, or her love.

Rebel is the third book in the Recoil Trilogy (young adult dystopian romance) and follows on from Recoil and Refuse. It begins immediately after the exciting ending of Refuse. Buy it now to continue the compelling story of Jinxy, Quinn and the forces determined to bring them down and tear them apart.

* I received an ecopy from the author for review. This does not affect my review.*

Death…so much death! This final book in the Recoil Trilogy picks up right after book 2 (Refuse) ended. Robin, Jinx’s twin brother, has been caught and taken to ASTA for questioning. Quinn seeks out Jinxy to tell her the news, and together they go on the offensive to stage a rescue.

But that’s only the beginning! So much happens in this final title, and the stakes are higher than ever! While I had an idea where the ending was headed, this ending is so worth the read! Far more complex and chaotic than I imagined, and there is a ton of character growth for Jinx and the team. While Jinx’s character has gone through a lot of growth already, in this final confrontation we see the team truly find their strengths and weaknesses.

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