Sunday, March 11, 2018

Book Blogger Insider Tag

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Thanks so much Nina @ The Cozy Pages for tagging me in the Book Blogger Insider Tag.

1. Answer the questions below
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4. Have fun!


1. Where do you typically write your blog posts?

Usually at my laptop in my bedroom, or when I’m at my mom’s house,  on the desktop in the living room.

2. How long does it generally take you to write a book review? 

Depends on the book and my mood.  If it’s a book I loved, or really hated, only about a half hour, but much longer for a book I didn’t really care either way about. (I always struggle with the neutral reviews…)

3. When did you start your book blog? 

April 6, 2016, I started on blogger, and while I’ve had this blog almost as long, I only just started to really post here.

4. What is the worst thing about having a book blog in your opinion? 

I struggle with all the review requests I receive. There are so many books I would love to read, but if I accept too many requests, I don’t have time for other books I want to read. Plus with review requests, I feel rushed while reading, because I have someone waiting for a review. I much prefer to pick my own books and read at my own pace.

5. What is the best thing about having a book blog in your opinion? 

I love both the book blogging community and bookstagram. I know Instagram isn’t really blogging, but both communities are so welcoming and I learned about bookstagram through blogging. The people are so amazing, and I love getting to know other book lovers!

6. What blog post have you had the most fun writing so far? 

I’m not sure on a specific post. I love writing review for my favorite books, and tags are always fun! Examples? The Thief Who Pulled On Trouble’s Braids and The Future Me Tag

7. What is your favorite type of blog post to write? 

As mentioned, I love writing 5-star reviews, but I also enjoy memes and tags.

8. When do you typically write? 

I do most of my writing in the morning or, on busy days, in the evening when I get home.

9. Do you review every book you read? 

Since I started my blog, I have been, and always will on Goodreads, but I’m almost considering only posting the longer reviews here, since many books I’ve read over the last two years were 3 star reads that I liked, but didn’t have much to say about them, good or bad.

10. How do you write your book reviews? With a cup of coffee or tea? With Netflix? Cuddled with your fur baby? 

Usually with a cup of tea, but coffee works too! At my mom’s house the tv is usually on in the background, but I don’t really pay attention to it. She also has two boxers so the dogs usually come over for attention from time to time. lol. When I am in my bedroom I often write in silence, or with some movie-score playing in the background.

11. When do you write your book reviews? Right after finishing the book? Two weeks after finishing the book? 

Most I write right after I finish the book. I do this more often with series, since I won’t allow myself to start the next book until the review is written, so I don’t accidentally mix the two books in my mind. It just keeps things neater in my mind, and I don’t have to worry about needing to review more than on book in a series at a time. I also do this with stand-alones, or if I don’t continue a series right away, but on 3 star reviews, sometimes I wait a few days to collect my thoughts.

12. How often do you post? 

I try to post at least once a day. Between blog tours and memes, I’m usually posting more than once a day. I’m so glad I can schedule ahead, I would be lost without the ability to schedule posts!


Who I tag

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