Sunday, February 25, 2018

The ‘Future Me’ Tag


I was nominated to do The ‘Future Me’ Tag by Mabeautility who created this tag. The original post by Mabeautility can be found HEREThanks Again Mabeautility!!

The tag is about your future and what you would like to tell yourself when you are ten years older than your age right now. What the person then needs to know and what do you… Well let’s start the tag!!

  • What do you want your life to look like over ten years? 

I hope to be dating or married to my best friend, that I have a stead job (especially if I can work from home!) and that I’m not sick all the time like I’ve been lately. (bipolar + anxiety is no fun :P)


  • What do you want to ask to the future you?

Am I married? Am I happy? Did I take the chance and pursue my dreams?


  • What do you want to have her remember?

That the struggle was worth it, and things do get better. And that she is strong, and beautiful, and totally worth it all.


  • Where do you think she’ll live?

While I would love to live somewhere like Scotland or New Zealand, I’d say she lives somewhere close to home (Tennessee, USA), where I was raised.


  • What do you think she will miss the most about your life now?

The flexibility and spending quality time with my family. (My parents and brother and sister.)


  • What do you think she will be happy about she does not have any more what is present in your life?

That she will have enough income coming in to pay ALL of her bills. And that she doesn’t have to work a job I doesn’t love.


Thank you all for reading this blog-post!! Make sure to fill in the tag on your blog (so much fun it will be to read this over 10 years!), mention my blog and click on the like star below!!

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