Thursday, February 15, 2018

Review: Gravitate: A Dark Paranormal Romance

36608812 Gravitate: A Dark Paranormal Romance by Cory Reynolds
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Moon Flight is a young adult paranormal romance series about the dangers of love where the world of witches crosses over into the realm of vampires.

16-year-old Celeste's life was literally thrown upside down when she found herself crawling across her attic ceiling. Even worse, her high school crush Gregory saw it happen, and now he thinks she's a freak.

And he's not the only one keeping too-close an eye on her; some tattoo-faced weirdo has been following her around. As Gregory helps her unlock her powers, she discovers he's keeping a supernatural secret of his own. But before she can learn the truth, an attack sends them fleeing for their lives.

Now they're on the run together, and Celeste has to make an impossible choice... trust Gregory with her life - and her heart - or face her worst fears on her own.

*I received a copy from the author for review. This does not affect my review.*

I enjoyed this paranormal romance. While it seems like a simple idea, I love how Gravitate takes witches and vampires and turns it on its head. Not only is this a paranormal or romance story, but it also answers questions I haven't even thought of in a fun and interesting way. I love that this is the first book in a series! I am excited to read more from this author!

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