Monday, February 26, 2018

My Monday: 2/26/2018

Oops, sorry for posting this so late, I got so wrapped up in everything else I almost forgot it’s Monday!

So today I got to enjoy some quality reading time as I am literally home alone for the week(end)! I’m house sitting for my parents, and basically my only responsibilities are to take care of the animals (they own a mini farm…6 chicken coops, 40+ rabbits, 2 dogs, and a handful of cats!) and to make sure I don’t burn down the house. It’s so nice to be free for a little while, and since they don’t have wifi, fewer distractions!

I had planned to stay with my little sister, but since she takes care of the rabbits by herself most of the time when I’m with my grandma, her dad convinced her to go on the trip. What trip? Well my step-dad went on a 4hr trip to take my mom to the dr, since she has a rare autoimmune disease…well we think it’s rare, since no one in the last 8 years seems to know what it wrong with her, yet she is still getting worse. They only planned to stay one night, but we are also part of a honey-bee club that happened to have a meeting in Nashville the same time as my mom’s appointment, so their one night stay became a 5 day trip.

With me having bipolar and anxiety, and with my meds low as I get ready to switch meds (yet again!) I was worried about being alone for 5 days, but so far I’m enjoying it, and finally getting some reading and blog posts done, plus I find it’s not so bad to have ‘me’ time as it’s helping be reflect and not worry about the coming months. (Food Stamps “SNAP” saying I must work a minimum of 20hr, when I haven’t been able to work much at all in the last two years, and at the two jobs I did work, it was more like 10-15hrs, so I know I can’t handle more than that, but my psychiatrist acts like she won’t sign a paper saying I can’t work, so yeah, I’ve been stressing lately, well really since the beginning of January, when I lost my holiday job, but I now see that as a God send.) So I’m enjoying the time without stressing or worrying about not being able to afford food next month.

That said, I DO plan to try to work next month, as I want to work from home as a proofreader, and maybe learn to do some copy-edit work as well, but I know to start I won’t be getting 20hrs, or anywhere near enough money to feed me and my grandma (who is disabled, and on a fixed income). So I’m hoping that, somehow, things will work out. I have an author friend, well probably a few, but one I know in person who wants me to review her two books, and in exchange she agreed to post an ad for me about proofreading to all her author friends, since she promotes authors as her main job. I already have one book I am working on, but am waiting to afford an editing app  for my Kindle before diving in too deep. That and I need to see how my new meds will affect me, which will take most of March since I’m on two right now for bipolar depression and anxiety, and my dr. is talking about changing both of them next month, which always worries me after having a sever reaction to meds back in November 2016, shortly after being diagnosed.

Sorry for all the rambling! Enough about me, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and a productive week!


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