Monday, February 12, 2018

My Monday (2/12/2018)

It's that time again! This last week...well last two weeks have been rough. I'm in a reading slump and just haven't been in the mood to do anything really. My meds need to be adjusted, and the Dr. lowered my anti-depressant so I'm been in a depressed funk lately. I want to work on my blog, finish the book I'm proofreading and copy editing, and finish the beta reads I'm in the middle of, but I can't seem to get ahead.

I have been listening to audiobooks from OverDrive, so at least I have some new reviews coming and am crossing books off my TBR, but I just wish I wasn't so behind. That said, I am enjoying the books I started, I just hope I can stick with it and finish them in time. Next month will be rough too as I'm getting used to a new med, and will likely be taken off my mood stabilizer, but I'm hoping I'm able to fly through March's TBR list.

I'm also trying to ease off the Blog Tours and catch up on past Review Requests in the coming months so I can work on my backlist TBR and open up to new Review Requests.

I'm also wanting to work on some original posts like this one, I just have to find something to blog about and some motivation, but I'm slowly getting there. This year I want to focus more on liking and following other blogs, and just generally being more active in the book blogging community.

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