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Review: Flames from the North

24679952 Flames from the North by S.B. Norton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Operatives have a new recruit - Calan Taylor, a thirteen year old budding basketball champion from Middington. The Igniters - dark warlocks of the Severed Plane, also have their own Middington recruit - Steven Sabre the damaged loner.
The Igniters should have sensed Calan first - as he is a 'pure' Igniter, only the third ever of his kind. A mistake has been made and the balance must be restored. Standing in their way are the Operatives.
A 14th corridor to another world has opened and the town of Middington is under secret attack from the warlocks and witches of the Severed Plane. The Operatives, a crack team of agents from all over Earth have been formed to defend the Wystic's of the Western Quarter against the immortal evils of the North, South and East.
Using the Severed Plane's magical corridors, the Operatives travel to countries all over the world in a bid to save as much of humankind as is possible from the dark Quarter's possessing and kidnapping ways ... and catching the immortal is a hard thing to do!
Calan Taylor is about to become the Operatives most valuable weapon.

The first book in a mind blowing new fantasy series by Australian author S.B. Norton filled with action, horror and humour

*I received an ecopy from the author for review. This does not affect my review.*

I really wanted to love this one, and while I did enjoy parts, I didn't love it. I think this is more a case of it's not you it's me. The odd thing is, that I loved the villains, especially the Waywards! It was the heroes that I struggled to connect with. I know I'm older than the target age, but I've read many other books for more of a middle-grade and YA age range and loved them.

My biggest issue was that I was never pulled into the story. I kept getting distracted, and after the second half, it was a struggle to read more than a few chapters at a time. Normally I fly through the last half of a book, but for this one, that wasn't the case. I am glad to see that I'm the minority on this, because the characters are original, and I did enjoy the world-building.

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