Monday, January 29, 2018

My Monday

Went back to my dr. for the second time this month. My meds aren't working, so we are adjusting them. Hopefully I can be back to work come March. I'm still trying to work from home, but am willing to work outside of the house part time until I find something I'm good at, or can afford to go back to school to get a degree in English.

I am back to beta reading, I have a dystopian and a fantasy to read soon. Below is a spotlight of the dystopian. I am beta reading the second book in this series.

I am no longer working at Kohl's, and though I have a chance to go back in March, I'm not sure if I want to yet. For now I'm just focusing on getting healthy and taking care of myself. I am also working at my parent's farm, trying to get the rabbit business going. It's moving in the right direction, we just need to work on relations with buyers and other breeders. Hoping to have Mini Rex babies soon!

36804224Gold Shadow (Bronze Rebellion #1)

In the North American continent, eighteen year old Ebony has been living as a slave for as long as she can remember. The underground cities, the tattoo, the scars and the shackles are a part of the only world she has ever known. She knows that in order to survive, she will have to stay strong. And she will stay strong, cursing those in power, until her very last breath. She waits for a meaningful way to die as she quietly pushes her body to its limit…but that all changes when rebels from the surface drop down right in front of her.

Now, Ebony is challenged to envision a life beyond slavery as she and the other escapees are thrown into the center of a rebellion against the monarchy. She has to embrace this glimmer towards a real life…this glimmer called freedom. But what can she contribute to a rebellion that is doomed to fail like those before it? How can they stop a corrupt monarchy that has lasted for a century? Among the lower class, those with hope are hard to come by, but Ebony has found refuge with people full of it. And through their strong desire, an idea emerges…one that has never been done before. The princess of the country is coming of age and what better way to send a message to the king and queen than to kidnap their only daughter?