Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Cover Reveal:Change of Wind and Storms

Beware the love of dragons...

Are you ready for a reverse harem? I'm not quite sure I'm ready, either! 
Book #2 in Song of Dragonfire is going to be! Welcome Change of Wind and Storms-- a thrilling new dragon fantasy! 
"Smoke. Fire. Air.
All three are required to make me whole.
I need the love that burns within them all.
I need my dragons."

Fliss thought war ended when she saved Krakow; yet war hasn’t even begun. Her dragon, Smok, has vowed to protect her, but not even he can stop the threat that looms over Poland.

Then Fliss discovers a shocking secret— Smok’s brothers are still alive.

A journey across fae kingdoms and siren realms reveals the truth. Both of Smok’s brothers have loved her in the past, and plan to love her again. With three dragons at her side Fliss must reassemble the events of her past lives, and piece together who has been hunting her across centuries.

Yet Fliss has roused the wrath of gods... and there will be no mercy.

War has come once again. Will Fliss’ dragons be able to save her from a dark fate? Or do the gods have other plans?

Read Book #1 before the sequel comes out!

"I am in love. I am in love with smoke. With fire. With thunder."
Fliss is a slave. Bound to the king, her duty is to fulfill his every whim until she dies, as gratitude for saving her life during the dragon attack that killed her parents three years ago. 
When a local dragon demands payment, Fliss is offered by the king as a sacrifice, to keep the beast content so he doesn’t destroy the village. Yet what the dragon wants is more than Fliss expects. A curse has been cast upon him by a beautiful enchantress, forcing him to remain a monster forever. Only one pure of soul can end it, and he has chosen Fliss. If she breaks the curse upon him, he will set her free. 
But there’s a man behind the monster, and as Fliss unveils the mystery that surrounds the dragon’s hidden past, she finds herself falling in love. Can Fliss tame the tortured beast? Or will her life be consumed by smoke and flame?

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