Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Top 5 Wednesday: Bookish Things You're a Grinch About

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This one's supposed to be a funny topic, so we shall see... ^.^

5. Romance Covers 😝
So from the time I started reading as a child, I've avoided romance novels. Why? The cover! While I enjoy a good romance in other stories, I have never liked the kind of romances with people on the covers. Any other genre and this doesn't bother me, just romances.

4. Easy to guess endings. 😶 This is another thing that happens a lot in romance novels, but this one applies to all genre, but especially mysteries. I like to be surprised while reading, and I also enjoy plenty of suspense and tension. So it bothers me when I can guess major plot twists a few pages in. There are exceptions, I guessed the killer in Stalking Jack the Ripper early on, but the way things played out, and Audrie and Thomas' banter throughout was enough to keep me reading. Plus I had plenty of doubts about my guess throughout, so I had to see if I was right, I didn't have any proof untul the reveal at the end.

3. Insta-love 😍 Ok, I can live with this one, but for me, I prefer to see a romance happen over time. While from personal experiance, I have fallen hard and fast for someone before, without even a kiss, but it doesn't always happen that way. I like to see them get to know each other, and be friends before the sparks start flying, attraction and love are NOT the same thing, and it makes for a better story when there are events, words, or other reasons for a romance to start and progress. Library Wars starts out with insta-love, but soon move to examples of actual love stories, not just infatuation.

2. Cheesy Titles (🙄 Looking at you romance cover.) Lol some titles are kind of catchy, but it's a fine line between a catchy title, and one that's just plain cheesy. Bite Me Your Grace, I think, is a paranormal romance...but I can't take a book with a title like that seriously enough to read it. 🤣  The Warlord Wants Forever is slightly better, and I DID listen to this one, but as mentioned above, I found it to be very predictable.
A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)
1. Perfect characters 😑 (sigh) While I like strong leads, everyone has at least one thing that comes up in daily life that they aren't good at, areas where growth and maturity are needed. I love seeing weak/shy/young/beginner characters grow into the role of hero instead of having everything handed to them. I love seeing character growth in a series, and feel it connects me on a deeper level to said character(s). Fantasy is my favorite genre specifinally becasue I see so much character growth, and for every world their if limitless potential for that character to learn and grown and experiance new things. Magic, riding dragons, shapeshifting, sword fighting? The list is endless, and the stories never get old.

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