Friday, December 8, 2017

Review: Leaping Wolf

35750435 Leaping Wolf by J.P. Harker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lepidus is defeated and Rhianwyn’s precious Caledon is at peace, but still Gawan of the Gorvicae is troubled. What future is there for men like him in a world with no more need for warriors? With his tribe saved he knows that he ought to be contented, but more and more he finds himself dwelling on his past, and the life he abandoned for what he thought was a greater duty. Though amends for that will have to wait as, even as the alliance of tribes is formed, the Caledon seems ready to collapse. Rhianwyn is struggling for control, Gawan’s own tribe is leaderless, and with unexpected enemies arising from the south, Gawan suspects the time for warriors may not be over yet...

Leaping Wolf takes place after the battle scene in Wildcat. The tribes are at peace once again, but will it last? I enjoyed this one quite a bit more than the first book! I wasn't sure going in, as I had some issues with the start of this series, but after getting used to the world of Caledon, I'm starting to really enjoy reading about these characters! Such an impressive world is laid out in this series, and the characters, battle hardened tribal people, are well written!

*I received a copy from the author for review. This had no affect on my review.*

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