Monday, December 4, 2017

My Monday #22

After the long day I has Sunday, and the earily morning today, it will be nice to have a day off to rest. I'm still working at Kohl's for the holidays, and hoping to work on some Christmas shopping this week, and finish up next week. I work again Wednesday, and then Saturday begen another long week.

I went to my psychologist today, who upped my meds a bit, but otherwise said we'd see how it goes, and that she was happy I'm able to work again. I go back in 6 weeks. I'm hoping it lasts, and that I will finally be able to get my drivers liscense next year, which I really need if I plan to keep working. After the last cab ride...I'm not so sure I want to ride again, but I'll have to if I want to get home Wednesday. The biker dude I rode with who kept comparing me to his 'soon to be ex wife' who happened to be my age, with him 40 something, kind of freaked me out!

For now I am just trying to finish listening to Fragile Chaos before starting on a few more review requests with reviews due soon.

Fragile ChaosFragile Chaos

A god of war seeking restoration. An unwilling sacrificial bride. Betrayal that could destroy them both.

Every fiber of my being is woven from the rage of mortals.

Theodric, the young God of War, has a talent for inciting conflict and bloodshed. After being stripped of his powers by his older brother, King of Gods, he sets out to instigate a mortal war to prove himself worthy of being restored to power.

I loved Kisk once; it was my home… But that was before. This is now.

Sixteen-year-old Cassia, like many in the modern era, believes gods and goddesses to be just a myth. Enemy to her country and an orphan of the war, she has no time for fairy tales. That’s until religious zealots from Theo’s sect offer her up as a sacrifice.

Can Cassia and Theo end the mortal war and return balance to the earth and heavens? Or, will their game of fate lead down a path of destruction, betrayal, and romance neither of them saw coming?

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