Monday, November 13, 2017

My Monday #14

Hello, again!

Another weeks gone by! I can't believe Christmas is coming up, where did the year go?!
I am just getting over an annoying cold, and trying to stay warm. *Brr! It's been cold and windy!* As some of you may know (If you follow me on Insta) I have been job hunting for a few weeks, well I finally got an interview! It's a job I'm actually interested in, so here's hoping it goes well!

I also want to thank my new followers! I hit 50 recently, and want to welcome the new subscribers! Thank you so much! (As soon as I get a job, and a paycheck, I plan to host a giveaway for my followers!)

I also realized I am a Neil Gaiman fan...who knew? I'm listening to his Norse Mythology (becasue I'm a Norse junkie!) and love it! This is the first version where I actually like Thor! (I'm always Loki trash lol)

I have also found some interesting books I can't wait to tell you all about!

That's all for now! I have a lot to talk about soon, so I'll be posting through-out the week about new title! 

Until then, happy reading! 

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