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Spotlight: As Angels Sing

Book Cover

As Angels Sing 
by Linda Buice
Contemporary Christian
June 2017
Publisher: WestBow Publishing

A death bed promise to her father and a job loss force Robin Anderson to move back to her hometown to live with her estranged mother, Betty. Ten years ago, Robin’s husband, Jeff and her mother refused to support Robin’s decision not to her abort her unborn daughter who had Down syndrome. They abandoned her. With emotional support from others and a strong Christian faith, she lived a contented life as a single mom until faced with the inability to support her child. Now her faith will be tested again. Old wounds will be reopened.

Molly dimmed the lights and turned on the projector, and Tina’s drawing of angels was projected on the screen behind Tina for her solo. Strands of lights twinkled around the manger scene with Mary and Joseph. The sky backdrop on the manger also twinkled with lights. Each person in the sanctuary held a lit candle, and Tina sang, “Silent Night.” The simplicity of the program revealed the truest of Christmas messages.
Kristen and Chris watched the sanctuary empty. God had provided, and the community celebrated the birth of Christ forgetting their own problems.
“What a lovely service!” Kristen said. “Betty acted like such a doting grandmother. That family has been through so much.”
Chris agreed and added, “Nate would be pleased, and I hope he is watching from heaven. Let me lock the front doors and check the others. I’ll be home soon.” Kristen kissed him on the cheek and went to the narthex, where Chloe and Robbie waited with Molly.
A young man stepped out of the dark corner. Chris recognized him from the hospital.
“Hi. I didn’t want to interrupt,” he said.
Chris asked, “Didn’t I see you at the hospital?”
“I was in the waiting room of the ICU. That was a powerful service. I haven’t been to church in over ten years.”
“What brought you here tonight?” Chris asked.
“I watched a video online of a little girl singing. I also saw someone in the video that I think is my ex-wife, Robin Anderson. I’m Jeff Anderson.”
“Did Robin invite you?” he asked.
“No—she didn’t know I was here.”
“What do you want?”
“I’m not sure, but Tina might be my daughter.”
“Why come back now?”
“Is Tina my daughter?” he asked.
“You’ll have to talk to Robin.”
Jeff paused, and his facial expression suggested shock. “I thought if I left and she was alone, she might get the abortion.” He kept rubbing the back of his neck and clearly was conflicted. Then he asked, “Do you really think Christmas is a time for miracles?”
Chris looked at the sanctuary cross, and he locked the door. “I certainly do, Jeff. Would you like to talk?”
Jeff nodded, and they walked down the hall to Chris’s office.

About the Author: Linda Buice grew up in Rochester, New York and moved to the beautiful Southern Tier over forty years ago. She retired after teaching for twenty-eight years in the small Elmira Heights School District. Teaching writing to students was a passion for her, and since retiring she has spent time developing her own writing skills. She shares her life with her husband of twenty-five years. Her Christian faith and family are the central to her life. She also enjoys volunteering in her church and also at the local Pregnancy Resource Center. Blogging and reading are also favorite activities.
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