Saturday, August 5, 2017

Review: The Exiled Tales: Brimir

35198228 The Exiled Tales: Brimir by Blake Renworth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 These are the tales that are usually left untold...

The city-state of Ishtara is at war. His brother-by-bond is fighting on the dangerous front lines and his city is struggling to cope with the consequences of a long war of attrition. But fate has rendered Brimir unable to help either of them. His leg, crushed by a boulder in a bloody battle, has put an end to his military service, at least for the foreseeable future.

Unwilling to let his injury best him, Brimir finds work in the mines of Ishtara, hoping to be of some small use, while he counts the days until he is cleared to return to the war. But this new life, intended as little more than a distraction, turns into something unexpected...

Told in the same unique storyteller voice of The Exiled Seven, The Exiled Tales is a collection of short stories and novellas that follow the supporting characters from The Exiled Series. This first story is Brimir's Tale, in which the young soldier begins his journey toward the wise, old dwarf of The Exiled Seven.

*I received a copy from the publisher for my honest, unbiased review*

Excellent story! Just as well written as Alariq's story. I enjoyed seeing more about life in Ishtara and meeting some of the other villagers. I also enjoyed seeing what happened before the exile, and getting some backstory on how it happened. I definitely recommend reading the Exiled Seven first, but this one can easily be a stand-alone if you want to sample of this world.

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