Sunday, August 6, 2017

Review: As The Crow Flies

30969499 As The Crow Flies by Elaine Venus
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sir Guy Guiscard, a knight of the King's Realm, returns home from the Eighth Crusade to find that many things have changed. His father is ill, outlaws are running amok in the surrounding forests, and a neighbouring manor lord is in dispute with his tenant farmers.

But when events start to spiral out of control with a series of murders and abductions, Guy comes to the aid of his oldest and dearest friend, Sir Hugh Breton, Tonbridge town's sheriff, to help bring the perpetrators to justice. This ultimately leads him into the path of a dark and brooding stranger who, consumed by a deep-seated desire for vengeance, will stop at nothing to reach his final goal...

* I received a copy from the publisher for my honest, unbiased review*

Such a marvelous and enchanting story! Sir Guy's life suddenly, and seemingly, inexplicably begins to rapidly crumble around him. Seeking out the help of an old friend only leads to even stranger events! From crows who seem to have a message, to a stranger with a perchance for vengeance, and much more! I enjoyed reading about Sir Guy and his quest that seems only to lead to trouble.

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