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Blog Tour: The Invitation (Interview & Giveaway)

Book Details:

Book Title: The Invitation: To Journey Through a Conscious Mind

​Category: Adult Fiction; 40 pages

​Genre: Poetry

Publisher: Tyfany Williams

Release date: March 31,2017

Tour dates: Aug 21 to Sept 1, 2017

Content Rating: PG-13 + M (​for mature content of love and relationships etc. 1-2 word usage of bad language. No sex scenes or erotica language.)

Book Description:

The Invitation: To Journey Through a Conscious Mind, is a showcase in talent from author and poet Tyfany Janee. She's eloquently produced the anthology through plaintive artistic angst. Injecting the essence of her soul into her prose. The diverse collection of poetry which lies between the covers is the result of an entire life's work experimenting within her vocation.

Her work is comprised of truth, meaning, hope, possibility and a succinct hint of humor as she tears away the facade from humanity. The works shed light on relative issues that we're all faced with in our easily waywardly led astray lives, and the monotony that makes up our existence.

The Invitation: To Journey Through a Conscious Mind is an ode to the beat generation of poets that carved their names in literary history. Any creative mind will revel in the inspiration that lies between these pages; it's full of daring attitude, and celebration for the authentic. A unique look on love, that you have to dare to delve within. It harnesses true devotion, with a stark, hair raising element of modern reality.

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​Book Trailer:

Author Interview for Tyfany Janee

Where does the inspiration for your stories come from?
The inspiration for my stories comes about in many ways. Very distinctly it’s the idea or topic pinned from conversations, classic media, news, current times, and sometimes other books. I find interest in many forms of communication. Then I write it into form, asking myself, what feeling or message do I want to relay about it.

What advice would you give budding Writers?
Don’t give up. Stay focused and put all of you heart into your work. Master the art of writing in ways that every day you learn something new. Your readers will appreciate you for it.

When did you decide to be a writer?
I knew I wanted to be a writer about age 10. I wrote little stories then. Nothing real serious but I just had an imagination that wouldn’t quit. It wasn’t until 13 that I feel like I was serious.

What’s your next project?
My next project is a compilation novel. I’m currently writing it. It contains three short stories that are tied together by a central theme of my characters dealing with secrets of their past coming back to haunt them. A release is planned for 2018. The cover is ready to share with the world now...

What is your writing schedule?
My writing schedule is not a set one, it can change. If I’m writing a book then that takes time and sometimes breaks in between, to not get burnt out. For blogging I need time to develop the article. I goal myself to write 500 words a day.  However, we all know the unexpectedness of life happens and there are times I don’t get to at all, or don’t write as much.  I make up for it the next time by cranking out 1500 words. What also helps is setting a reasonable deadline.  To get done X amount of words and by X date. That way I can schedule it out evenly.

Where do you write?
Honestly, there is not just one place I write. I write anywhere. That’s always been me. The only difference may be if I started writing on computer and not paper, then it would be better to continue in that way. So, for that I’m prone to be more at a desk or couch at home or a local coffee shop.

What is your favorite poem from the book?
My favorite poem out of the book. Wow, it’s so hard because there are some great ones, that just express it raw. I think that I’d have to go with, Flower of My Heart.
I wrote this at work. I had this idea to write about love in a way that accentuated in the beauty of a flower. What I didn’t know was that my imagination and creativity would go as far as to show an analysis of that love for a person, in feelings and appreciation to that of five flowers. Flowers with symbolism that detailed a description of love in its facets.

About the Author:

Tyfany Janee is a mother and an upcoming graduate with a BS in Business Administration in a concentration of Entrepreneurship, and a minor in Marketing. She is a prolific writer, author and poet and she has an upcoming plan of releasing a short story collection in 2018 that she titles; The Road Sometimes Traveled; and a poetry collection book titled "RSVP: To Be You Unapologetically.” Additionally, a release of a debut novel, the first of a series in 2019 she titles; To Love Him..I.

Her recent book is comprised of truth, meaning, hope, possibility and a much-needed element of humor when it comes to exposing the true nature of humankind. Tyfany devours inspiration wherever she can get it, from cult classics, to just about anything she can see.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~ facebook ~ Instagram ~ Pinterest

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