Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thursday's Bookish Thrills!

Name of the meme: Bookish Discovery of this Week
Every Thursday, we talk about something new that we discovered which is book related. It can be something that is recently created or discovered or it can be something old that you just discovered or you are interested in. It can be a book you just read or added to your tbr. It can also be an author, genre, poem, story, word, character, a new trend etc. Basically anything that is related to books. You can also share some news or talk about something that caught your eye.
You can do this every Thurday or just whenever you want to.
If you’re not a blogger or just don’t want to make a blog post, you can also post on Twitter and Instagram, just use the hashtag #bookishdiscoverythisweek.

So as the above says, this is a bookish weekly tag! (I made my own name, but found this idea on Travelling Through Words ;)

Since I love making bookish discoveries, what better way to share them with you than a fun tag? This week I'll be sharing with you about my latest Overdrive and library finds! So far I have found two series worth mentioning!

The first, on Overdrive, is Lockwood & Co. by Jonathan Stroud! This YA paranormal investigation series is full of ghosts and ghouls galore!

Second is a library find, the Mark of the Thief series by Jennifer Nielsen! This one I haven't started yet, but it has be bumped to the top of my TBR! I hope to get to it soon, and I'll let you know my thoughts afterwards!

Have you found and interesting, cool, or exciting bookish finds lately? If so feel free to share them! I'd love to hear what you found 😃 Also feel free to use this tag on your own blog. Just be sure to credit the creators listed at the top! For more info cluck the meme name highlighted above! 

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