Saturday, July 29, 2017

Thank you! (July Wrap Up!)

 (I'm posting this a little early, but will update if needed, I'm just super excited and had to share!)

July has consecutively been my best month for views for the SECOND time! Thank you all who read, view, comment, share, and follow my posts! It really does mean so much to me!

Here are the stats, and I'm ecstatic! Not only was July my best month this year, but it beat last year's stats! (Granted, not by much, but small steps is still progress!)

Not only that, but I know I went inactive last Fall/Winter due to RL getting in the way and illness (which I have mentioned here before). This year I am doing much better, and hope to not only stay active, but to be able to keep the content interesting and relevant, as well as posting as many reviews as I can manage each month, because reviews really do matter!

Below is the stats for each month (Though taken a few days early, so this years will be a little higher by August! (Taken July 29th, may be updated if I can remember XD) I don't share back office ever, but I am so proud of these numbers, and thank you to the 36 people who follow me!

Now, onto the fun stuff!

July Reads: 3
Manga/Graphic Novels: 9
Audiobooks: 1
DNF Audio: 1
Total Read:  13
Reviews written: 31
(Most were from books read in May/June that I didn't get around to reviewing due to moving)

Library Hauls: 25 print books, 4 Audiobooks, unknown number of digital books (I'll start keeping better track of this! ;)
Review Requests Accepted: 8
Review Requests Completed: 5
Book Hauls: 4 print books, 1 Audiobook

This is my latest library haul! I'm planning to fly though these this weekend, so I'll update the monthly stats later.

And my best picture this month (and I believe my best to date!)

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