Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday's Spotlight #8: Molly Spungle: The Secret of Red Stone (Excerpt)

Molly Spungle:The Secret of Red Stone
  A middle grade novel  by

Synopsis: Molly, a young Spungle fairy, finds herself in deep trouble, wandering lost and alone through a strange forest. Her idyllic life shattered, Molly is in grave danger from an evil sorcerer who will stop at nothing to possess her magic. With wings so damaged she cannot fly, escape becomes even more impossible. Her magic fading fast, the young fairy wonders if the mysterious red dragon she meets can help her out of her predicament. What will it take to free him from his imprisonment by the mystical red stone?


The first movement of the red dragon was slight, but rapidly increased. Mighty
muscles rippled through his legs and back as he stood, shaking off any lingering red stone.
Huge wings, already unfurled, moved through the air, creating a strong gust of wind that
almost knocked Molly off her feet. The dragon drew them close to his body, folding them
like fans. Drawn taut between long hinged bones, the dragon’s wings emerged from
muscular shoulders which were powerful and imposing. The horns running down the length
of the dragon’s neck looked sharp and dangerous.

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