Friday, July 28, 2017

Review: Eats with Sinners: Loving Like Jesus

35254026 Eats with Sinners: Loving Like Jesus by Arron Chambers
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If you want to follow Jesus on the incredible journey of sharing Him while sharing life with others, it's time to eat with sinners--people just like you . . . and me.

As long as people have been sharing their faith, there have been critics. Even Jesus dealt with naysayers as He spread His gospel: "This man welcomes sinners and eats with them" (Luke 15:2, NIV). Sometimes we worry about our reputation when we spend time with non-Christians. But more than that, we worry about the time we spend with non-Christians: Will we understand each other? Will I offend them? Will they offend me? How long will it take before this relationship falls apart?

Every meal Jesus ate, He ate with sinners. And over food and drink, through stories and insights and observations and conversations, people let their guards down, and sinners came to know the love of God and the hope of salvation. Now revised and updated, Eats with Sinners helps you to let your guard down so the love of God can get out across the table to your non-Christian friends.

I received a copy from the publisher for review on my blog. This does not effect my review.

I needed this reminder. So often, we go thought life, and end up sinking into comfortable routines. That's not the life Christ called us to, while there is nothing wrong with schedules and routines, we need to do more than life our lives. We need to help others learn what it means to live for Christ, and to encourage our brothers and sisters when they stumble in their walk with Christ. This book is great, because I know I struggle with this, and I'm sure many others do. I'm either afraid of rejection or I don't have the words to talk about Christ with someone who had walked away, or has never accepted the Grace offered to each of us. This book helps encourage us to push past the excuses, and to really reach out and love one another in the way the Christ lived, and lives in us.


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