Monday, July 31, 2017

My Monday #9

Wow! A lot's happened in the last week!

I got another stack of books from the library, mostly manga this time, that I am slowly working my way though. I fell in love with audiobooks (seriously any Norse mythology fans, check out Runemarks by Joanna Harris! It's SO good!) and would love to find out where to get audiobooks for review, since I've decided to start reviewing them here! (Yay!)

I also started a blog tour business! (It's still weird to say that!) Reading Adventures Book Tours and am looking for both authors and bloggers interested in signing up! I already have one SciFi title for review, and a few tours that will launch in October.

I also got paid, so I'm going to get my printer and get my candle business back up! It's been so long 😱 but as soon as I get my printer I'll reopen Tangent Adventures I am still out of some of the fragrances, and will be focusing on restocking those before working on new ones, but I'll have most of them to work with.

Whew! Plus, I also went to the library today, then walked to the bank. (Surprisingly I didn't get any books! But in truth I'm glad, as I wouldn't have been able to carry them around town 😀)

I also found out about the Kid Lit Exchange, which I shared here a few days ago.

I also accepted a few more review requests, and was Auto-Approved for two more publishers on NetGalley! (Not any of the major ones, but still, I'll take it) August will be my month to read ARCs so there will be a lot of ARC reviews coming up. I'm trying to read though those coming out in the next month or two first, then work on those already out. I have 5 (yes FIVE!) from First to Read that expire the end of August that I will be reading first! Since I've been listening to audiobooks, I snagged a few more on OverDrive, and also started my free trial on Audible I grabbed Harry Potter #1 after hearing so many good things, but I have no idea what I want to buy with my other credit. I'm tempted to buy Runemarks haha, but since I can get it again from the library, I really want something equally amazing that my library doesn't happen to have...any ideas?

Well I think that's it for now. Wow! I've been busy, hoping to rest and read most of this week, then hopefully I'll be making candles next week, yay!

How has your week been? Anything exciting happen? Any book hauls? I'd love to hear from you! (PS, I follow back, if you let me know you follow me, and I am happy to visit your blogs!)