Monday, July 10, 2017

My Monday #6

I can't believe it's already been 6 weeks since I started posting My Monday's! O.O

So I started this week off right, with a trip to the library! I'm trying to go at least twice a week, sometimes three times XD just to get out of the house, and since I walk the few blocks there from the bus station, I also get some exercise in, so it's a win-win! (Plus I'm usually carrying a few books both ways 😉

I also got paid for my blog tour job last week (yay!) so I have a little money in the bank. Sadly it's probably all going on my meds...but it's still nice to have. (Any authors/publishers interested in booking a blog tour let me know, and I can email you their rates and deals. We accept all genre :)

I have a ton of book mail coming up! I accepted two review requests from authors, I also have two UK publishers sending me mail, my monthly Tyndale books have been shipped, and I won a giveaway for another book on IG (so I racked up!)

I have started marking down due dates for ALL reviews and not just blog tours and new releases, so hopefully I will be able to catch up (looking at my NetGalley list...) and keep on top of things better in the coming months. I have a bunch of titles that I am so excited to start, and now that I have them planned out, hopefully I can she my thoughts about them just before they are published, so you can decide if you want to read them too!

This weekend I finished two books, but otherwise didn't do much. I went to the store in a town an hour from where I live with my aunt and grandma Friday, and we were gone a few hours, but I was exhausted so I slept most of Friday, and Saturday. (Shopping always wears me out!) But we found a great deal on food. (A large box for $10 dollars! And while they didn't have much, every little bit helps) So I'm glad she was able to take us.

Sadly my mom has been sick for the last three weeks, and I haven't seen her much. (She's having dizzy spells, so can't drive, and she lives over an hour away. 😢 So I'm missing her, and my brother and sister, but I'm glad I got moved so I can go to the store and pay bills when I need too.)

As far as my candle shop (I own Tangent Adventures a bookish inspired candle store) I am hoping to get a new printer next month, and then reopen! I won't be able to do a full restock like I planned, since I am unable to work right now, but I will list everything I have in stock on my etsy shop. For updated follow my instagram @tangentadventures

So I think that's it for this week, I look forward to seeing what bookish delights I find in the next week! I hope you are all doing well, and would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment down below!