Saturday, July 1, 2017

June 2017 Wrap-Up

Another month has come and gone! I can't believe this year has reached it's halfway point!

Well as many of you probably know, I went thought some changes this month. I moved at the beginning of the month, and since then, have been working on getting a new routine set. I have decided to stop looking for a job for the time being, and to take up some free business classes at a local collage here in town. I won't get credits for these, but as a small business owner, with dreams of growing my business and being my own boss, I figure a few classes couldn't hurt.

I have started taking review requests again, and have been working my way slowly though my massive pile of NetGalley and Edelweiss galleys as well as past review requests that I was unable to get to earlier this year. I have finally started making a dent, and plan to continue on this path in July.

I went to the library a total of 2 times in June, and renewed my card and checked out two books.

  • Girl in Disguise was a past read that I started before I moved. I was unable to finish it before, and seeing it at the new library, I had to grab it! 

  • Wrath of the Storm was a cover pick. I didn't realize it was the 3rd book in the series until I got home, but now I have the first two on my Kindle so I hope to get to all three soon. 
 I went to the book store once this month, but as I don't have a job, I didn't buy anything. I did buy a book from the Dollar Tree though.
  • Jackal by Jeff Stone is part of a series I enjoyed as a teen, and I couldn't pass it up! 

 I read a total of 14 books in June. Four were paper books, and the rest on Kindle.
  • Promises 
  • The Bucket
  • Rise of the Erifs
  • Mercuria
Of those three were review requests. Promises being the one not required.

  • No Ordinary Star
  • The Coal Thief
  •  The Bridge of Golden Wood
  • Single, Not Dead
  • Consoling Angel
  • Her Fiery Viking
  • Ash and Quill
  • The Jewel Tree
  • Natalie and the Nerd
  • The Frog Prince
Again many of there were either blog tours or review requests. I hope to read some of my personal library soon, but I also enjoy reading these newer books, so hopefully I can find a happy balance :) Look for a bunch of new reviews soon as I have some yet to be published!

Here is my ... tentative July TBR. I rarely stick to a set list but there are some I'm hoping to get to this month.

How did your June look? Did you hit your goal, and did you find some new favorites? Feel free to share in the comments! I love hearing from all my readers, and if you share a link to your blog I 'd be happy to check it out!