Monday, July 31, 2017

ARC Review: My Wounded Island

34412181 My Wounded Island by Jacques Pasquet
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There's an invisible creature in the waves around Sarichef. It is altering the lives of the Inupiat people who call the island home. A young girl and her family are forced to move to the center of the island for refuge from the rising sea level. Soon the entire village will have to relocate to the mainland. Heartbroken, the young girl and her grandfather worry: what else will be lost when they are forced to abandon their homes and their community?
Addressing the topic of climate refugees, My Wounded Island is based on the challenges faced by the Inupiat people who live on the small islands north of the Bering Strait near the Arctic Circle.

*I received an eARC copy from NetGalley for review. This review is my honest opinion*

A beautiful, yet somewhat tragic story about how climate changing is making it harder for tribal natives to keep their customs and way of life. Being forced to move away from their homelands, they must decide if they still want to hold on to old traditions, or accept the modern way of life.

The pictures are magnificent, and the message powerful! A great story told in an easy to understand way, shows children what it's like to live in the arctic, and how the glaciers and islands are affected by climate change.

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