Thursday, June 29, 2017

Review: The Bucket

The Bucket The Bucket by D.J. Cattrell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received a copy from Pegasus Publishing for review

Rachel's bucket has a hole in one side and a jewel in the other. When Rachel first pressed the jewel in the side of the bucket, she was just four years old. Smoke came out of it and in it five unicorns pranced lightly onto her hand and off again. It made her smile and cry at the same time.

As her tenth birthday approaches, her world begins to change with the arrival of a mysterious silent boy with amazingly blue eyes and parents Rachel never sees. They move in next door and their house develops a green glow and has strange noises coming from it. That is when things started getting really odd.

Remember, Minotaurs are ticklish...

I...I don't know what to say. This story was such a disappointment, and I feel it wasted a lot of potential. I know I have high standards in fantasy, since that's my favorite and most read genre, but this one was terrible! I didn't enjoy the writing style at all, the characters were rude and mean, I didn't like all the cussing, and especially the use of God the way it was used. (OMG... it not OK in a kids book!), especially as often as such things were used...once might have been overlooked! Also a father shouldn't say "Damn... I'm good!" to a group of young girls... I feel this book was written for kids 8-10 years old, yet the language makes me think it's more of a 13-14 either it's one or the other, but it wasn't written well enough for the older kids. I also didn't like how they bullied Robin throughout most of the story! Sure he was a bully, but to call him, repeatedly!, an idiot among other things is not how you deal with such things! I feel this book was full of many examples of that NOT to do!

The only things I actually DID enjoy in this story were the Minotaur and the pictures! (The artwork along is worth an extra star, but the first half of the story was so bad, I had to stick with my original rating!) The ending was OK, but not worth the trouble of reading to that point. I was surprised to see it leading up to more adventures, of which I will leave to other, braver readers. Not often do I judge an author by the first book I read of their, but I don't believe I will be reading any more of Mr. Cattrell's work in the near future.

I hate writing low reviews, and especially reviews like this, but I am only as good as my word, and in this case, I have to be honest, which means it happens. But this is one on a very few authors that I have disliked to the point of avoiding their future work. I thank Pagasus for the chance to read this, and I'm sorry it didn't work out!

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