Monday, May 1, 2017

Review: Wade's Wiggly Antlers

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One winter morning while playing with his animal friends, a young moose named Wade notices his antlers are wiggly, and he runs home to tell his mother. ?Remember when we talked about your antlers falling off?? she says. ?Don't worry. New ones will grow in the summer.? But Wade is worried. He used his antlers for so many fun things, such as paddles for Ping-Pong, perches for giving friends rides and hooks for flying kites. He didn't want to lose them! Could Wade find a way to stop his antlers from falling off? Or, if he just lets them go, would he find new ways to play?

In this charming picture book, author Louise Bradford has crafted a playful allegory for children about losing a first tooth. With Christine Battuz's amusing, exuberant art bringing Wade's story to life with sympathy as well as humor, this book makes an engaging and relatable read-aloud for story time. It provides terrific opportunities for discussions about how our bodies change as we grow up, what it feels like to go through these changes and the different ways we can celebrate the milestones. It would also work for an early life science lesson on how animals such as moose and deer lose and grow antlers and why. In addition, Wade's experience models a positive, inspiring approach to self-discovery, self-acceptance and dealing with developmental changes.

A great book about growing up and the changes that happen. Wade is worried when his antlers start to wiggle, until his mother reminds this that it's just part of growing up.This was a fun read with pretty pictures and a positive message about growing up and the changes that happen. When I child grows up, changes can be scary, and this type of story helps to show and remind then that there is nothing wrong with changes, and that everyone else is changing too.

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