Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May's Book Haul and Wrap Up!

Hello everyone, and thanks again for reading!

So first off, I realized something today...I post everything book related to my Instagram, but hardly ever post here unless it's reviews or blog tours, and always wonder what else I could be writing about...well duh! Book mail, candles, library visits and hauls, bookstore runs! Everything! So...since I made it my goal for my June 15 bookstagram anniversary to take better pictures, and since my blogaversary was in April, I'm making this my one year blog resolution! To post more of the day to day bookish stuff going on in my life! So that's where I'll start tonight! With today's bookmail!

These beauties are from the amazing shop: @Oriandle  If you don't already follow them on Instagram, click the link! You won't regret it!

Now, onward and upward! May has been a stressful and exciting month for me! With my move drawing near, and with me being between jobs, I've had plenty of time to read, but have been unsuccessfully on a book ban this month, ahaha! I did good, I only spend $26 this month, and ended up with a total of 24 books this month! *happy dance* (P.S. That's not counting the review copies I got for free sitting on my Kindle :-P)

So, what books you ask? Let's see!

I won an Instagram giveaway back in January, and I chose a preorder of this lovely!

I ordered Eona at the end of April because I can't wait to start these!

I limited myself at the library this month, and only checked out these four. Of these I only finished ATATN but checked out the others on my Kindle, I'm just waiting for them to come in!

Couldn't resist looking at the library sale bin, and the store across the street while I was there!


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My total haul that day! Total cost: $2.50

My candles are here! And they smells amazing! 😍😁 Thank you Callie! (@fromthepage)

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I also couldn't pass these up! Callie was having a sale on them, and I've been wanting to get some since I won one of her Cauldron candles in January!

I also got my first FairyLoot this month, and loved it!

Here is where most of my book budget went XD Ollie'S Bargain Outlet!

My Goodwill buys! 😍

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Also couldn't pass up these are Goodwill that day.

And my favorite doe, plus one of our black does. (Visit my farm page to see the rest! @luthercreekfarm)

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We also got some more bunnies! My parents own a mini farm, and the bunnies are my part of it!

I discovered Buzz Books on NetGalley and Edelweiss and fell in love!


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My FairyLoot book!

Just got these today from @flameworkscreations! Thank you Andrea, they are so pretty! 😍

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I also caught these on sale and was excited to buy from a new shop!

#coverlove ! 😍

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This was my most interesting library find this month!

Ugh! Another book I've heard amazing things about that I have sitting on my TBR shelf... 😂 Thanks again to @glimpses_of_me for tagging me for the #starwarsbooktag 1- DARTH VADER (a book that started well but burned out at the end) Acowar. *Hides* While I originally rated it 5 stars... I felt the last 50 pages were both unneeded, and unwelcome 😑 The battle was great, but the *afterwards* part was unnecessary. 2- LUKE (a book that awaken your love of reading) Narnia! My second grade teacher had story time every day, and the only book I remember was her reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and I fell in love! 😍 I swore I would learn to read just so I could read that book again for myself, and I did! It took a few more years, but that's where it all started! 3- LEIA (a book that split your heart for two characters) The Rhodi Saga, but mostly the last book, Rhodi's Lullaby. Devin and Enfys 😍😭 perfection! I can relate to Devin so much, she is so strong, yet only sees herself as broken. And I adore Enfys, who sees her as beautiful, scars and all! 💕 4- HAN SOLO (a book that you didn't want to read but fell in love with) Anna and the French Kiss. I really didn't expect to like it, because I basically hate romance movies. But I loved it! 5- PADME (a book where the character feel in love with the wrong person) I was tempted to say Shadow and Bone... But I'm going with ACOWAR. I won't say much...but Az 😍 6- REY (strong female character) Aelin from ToG and Devin from The Rhodi Saga 7- KYLO REN (dramatic character we love) Rhys! 😂 Or Celaena Sardothien 8- OBI WAN (hot character) Sean from the Scorpio Races! 9- FINN (couple you shipped but didn't happen) Lysandra and Lorcan from ToG (ironically I shipped them starting at the throw-up scene 😂) 10- YODA (a book with a different chronological order) Narnia 11- JAR JAR BINKS (a book you found boring and abandoned) The Brave and the Raven Boys... They just weren't for me If you like this tag, and would like to join, consider yourself tagged! If you WERE tagged, but don't want to do it, that's fine too 😁

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And that wraps up my May 2017. How was yours? I would love to hear about it down below! :)