Thursday, May 11, 2017

Blog Tour: Blue's Prophecy

Welcome to my stop on the YA Bound Book Tours' Blog Tour for: Blue's Prophecy by Emily Ross!

Blue's Prophecy
by Emily Ross
Genre: MG/YA Scifi/Fantasy
Release Date: May 15th 2017
TitleTown Publishing

Summary from Goodreads:

Two genetically altered dogs, two different fates. One is Robo, a beloved Great Dane, who is tricked out of the embrace of his human family and then is horribly altered by an evil scientist who rebuilds him with robotic parts, weaponizing the dog for money from the military. But that s not all the scientist does the experiments he conducts leave Robo a genius, almost immortal and with powers beyond explanation. But the horror Robo experiences at the scientist's hands changes him driving him insane with the sole mission to destroy all humans, especially those who have tortured and hurt dogs.

Meanwhile, a scrappy alley husky sits in a shelter, when she with her blue eyes and tough wolf-like features captures the attention of another group of scientists desperate to stop Robo from his path of destruction. This dog, called Blue, could be the chosen one to fight and defeat Robo. She is also genetically enhanced and left with glowing turquoise eyes before being released to face Robo s vicious dog army. Her mission: save human civilization and the packs of dogs she's grown to love.

Review:  Wow! From the first page I could tell this was something special! This book not only met my expectations, but far exceeded them! Interesting characters, complex plot, and plenty of action to keep me entertained, I loved it! I'm excited to see what Miss Emily Ross come has in store!

While the cover originally grabbed my attention, this book delivers! I love animal books (The Warriors Saga, Ga'Hoole, and Redwall to name a few) so I couldn't pass this one up! I'm so glad I got to be a part of this amazing blog tour! Since Miss Emily is a new author, I probably would not have heard of her work otherwise! I love finding diamonds in the rough, and sharing them. Blue's Prophecy is exactly that! 

The story centers on two sides. Robo once a pet, now a science experiment gone horribly wrong (or right?) and Blue a stray who is more than capable of handling herself. That is until she crosses paths with one of Robo's followers. Then there's trouble. Blue finds herself pitted against Robo in his mission to eradicate humans. 

I am truly impressed by how much I enjoyed this book! While I expected to like it, I never know what to expect from a new author, and this book promised a lot! With an epic plot, and a large cast of characters, it is no easy task balancing it all, but Emily does it with style! While the timeline is a bit difficult to follow, the story overall unfolds smoothly. I expect more exciting adventures soon, and can't wait!

About the Author

Emily Ross, 13, is a fifth generation writer and an owner of three dogs, Balta, Buddy and Zoey. Her prose exceeds her years, with Emily starting work on Blue's Prophecy, a science fiction/fantasy book for pre-teens and teens, when she was 10. Living in Atlanta, Emily is also an animator and a skilled archer, and relaxes by playing the double bass in her middle school orchestra. 

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