Saturday, April 29, 2017

April Book Haul and Reads

I'm finally able to start reading some ARCs again, and boy does that make me excited! I loved this one, and highly recommend it to anyone thinking of reading it!

My bookmarks from @laladreamyland arrived!

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Haha I've had a thing lately for bookmarks, so I couldn't pass these up. I was looking for a #currentlyreading bookmark to show off with my current reads, and couldn't pass up the Darkling quote! <3

It's so pretty! #bookmail #arc #tyndale @tyndalehouse

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An ARC from Tyndale House. This one definitely fits the season I am in, as I always seem to be waiting for something lately. I love the cover, so had to share! Looking forward to starting this soon.

Rereading a favorite! I love this trilogy so much! It never gets old! #currentlyreading #currentread #ya #fantasy

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An old favorite, and I will NEVER get over these books! They are amazing! I couldn't wait to revisit old friends, and enjoyed it as much, or maybe even a little more than I did the first time!

Anyone else shop at Ollie's Bargains Outlet? I LOVE their book section, and can't leave without a few! Here's my latest book haul.

I also recently tried BookOutlet and LOVED it! Here was my fist buy, I'm already looking to buy from them again soon!

I finally got around to reading this, and even started my ARC of Ash and Quill! (It keeps getting better!)

One of my favorite unboxing pictures so far! I can't wait to start reading this, and plan to as soon as I get my booked moved to my new house XD

Need I say more?! It's stunning!

Thanks to @NetGalley I'm reading this book! I'm about halfway through and can't wait to see what happens!

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I enjoyed this read. I loved the cover, and thought it sounded interesting. While not as good as I hoped, it was still a fun read.

OMGoodness! I LOVED this book! I mean so much! I can't even explain! I also recently read Lola and the Boy Next Door, and enjoyed it, but St. Clair! *fangirls!*

A nice filler read between series. I needed this after reading Empire of Storms! O.O

This book! I've been on a roll with amazing books on ARC and this one is no exception! I couldn't put it down!

This series is so good! I'm trying hard to take it slow, because I'm super not ready for this to be over! :'( But I love it so much it's hard! XD (This is book two in the Red Winter trilogy)

So that was a quick wrap-up of my books in April. I'm so ready for May! Great books, I'm moving, FairyLoot ;D Starting with ACOWAR with things looking up all month, bring it!

How did your April look? Did you find a new favorite? Meet any amazing new authors? Buy anything bookish? Feel free to share that and more about your April in the comments below!

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(I don't claim this picture, it's from the FairyLoot page, but I had to share!) This will be my first FairyLoot and I'm stoked! (It was super expensive, so I'm saying it's an early b-day present to me, but I have been trying to get one for just under a year, and finally did it!)

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