Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Review: The Foundling Fairy

34267388 The Foundling Fairy by Flick Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thank you Pegasus Publishers for the review copy!

Blurb: Kicky is an abandoned fairy who never had the chance of being given a name or a title as to what her particular vocation was in order to fit in with the fairy clans. Whilst sleeping beneath an oak tree, little did she know that this was the turning point in her life.
Discovered by Sessile the Tree Fairy, Kicky is introduced to the other fairies, most of whom accept and help her... except one or two. Orabelle, the Water Fairy, is nothing but a troublemaker. As are the Pixies who have their own way of creating mischief.
Our little Foundling Fairy soon finds her wings and, with new friends, finds her feet as well.


What a sweet story! I loved hearing Kicky's story, and seeing how she discovered who she was. Well written with believable characters, a quick pace, and an interesting plot. I love how the author used big, lesser used words, and included a dictionary for them in the back to teach children about descriptions. (I especially loved the use of ragamuffin! XD) I really enjoyed this book, and would love to see more about this world! Definitely a recommend!

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